Dennis Dyak might be busy explaining Norse Mythology to busty lingerie clad gals but I am sure he left someone behind at Silicon Knights to finish up work on Too Human. The game is due to release in a matter of weeks and there is a demo available now on Xbox Live. As we prepare for the release here is some info on three of the characters that you will meet through the storyline of Too Human.

Sticking with the theme of busty lasses, first up is Freya.

Freya’s profile

This profile reflects the status of Freya during her relationship to Baldur; for comparison of the data, perhaps as a control. One should note that there have been no substantial revisions to her genetic or cybernetic inventory in the intervening years.


Freya, the Adept

Age, chronologically: 200+
Age, apparent: 20-25
Race: Vanir, cybernetic human variation.
Blood Type: Synthetic, endocrine carrier boosted, class “Vanir 0273” (their codification – Idunn)

Direct cyberspace interlink (all protocol, EMP hardened)
Human< – >machine neural link
Computer assist sub-mind (parallel-type)
Synthflesh musculature enhancement, submind assisted.

Geneering Profile

Boosted immune-system
Neurological restructuring (synapses, neurotransmitter chemistry)
Enhanced visual cortex (for cyberspace compatibility)
Idunn’s notes: Freya is one of the Vanir and her geneering is widely different in structure than the Aesir’s. It is none of my work and I suppose, should not be judged in comparison to our level of expertise. The Vanir were engineered for social rigors, rather than battlefield ones. They excel in diplomacy, empathy, compassion – traits rather left at home than taken to war. Their failure and dissolution is ample evidence of the quality of their geneering and cybernetics work. What we can learn from them has already been improved upon.


Freya is the sister of Frey and the last remnants of the Vanir, another race of gods that were humbled by the war against the machines. They were weakened by what amounted to a civil war with the Aesir and when that was settled, the Vanir no longer had what it took to continue the true fight. Mourning humbly, they were assimilated into the Aesir. Although at peace, differences of opinion frequently flare up, sowing strife amongst the gods.

Freya is an Adept of Cyberspace – she communes with the spirits of the computer world – the NORNs – so that they might grant their boons of magic to the Aesir and their efforts. Because of this skill set, many of the true-blood Aesir frown upon her usefulness: she rarely fights in a physical sense and the Aesir do not comprehend the dangers of Cyberspace combat, which they dismiss as light work. Thor, in particular, takes offense at Freya’s ability and “magic”. Overtly, he demonstrates little faith in her, despite the times he has depended upon it. It is possible he harbors some secret respect for it, but he hides it well.

Preferred Weapons

Please note: All Aesir are trained in a wide variety of weaponry; both melee and ranged. From swords, axes, hammers and glaives, through mass driving linear accelerators, laser projectors, fusion/plasma hybrid energy weapons.

Freya wields the “magic” of Cyberspace as her weapon of choice. A complete explanation of these words would require a full technical briefing; suffice to say that through manipulation of computer data within its abstraction, devices in the real world can be likewise manipulated. Depending on the adept, his or her training, level of technical skill and so on, the effects can be made to generate heat and light distortions within the real world by means of the repeater nodes on which Cyberspace lays, giving it the semblance of magic. Some eccentric adepts spend years crafting visual themes for psychological effect or their own personal amusement and vanity.

Battlefield Role

Cyberspace Insurgent operations. Through cyberspace, Freya is able to connect and manipulate machines, enabling her to affect the course of battles. Combat in cyberspace requires intense training to apply the neural equivalent of physical movement within an abstracted computer construct.
She is also able to direct the actions of the Valkyries for troop reclamation and close air-support.
Many a battle has been won by Freya’s direct interventions.

Thor’s profile This information represents Thor from a generalized perspective, representing any time during the last five hundred years. Accurate information is hard to come by since his body is constantly repaired and upgraded as time allows. Thor, son of ODIN. Age, chronologically: 2000+ Age, apparent: 35 Race: Aesir, cybernetic human. Blood Type: Synthetic Rapid-Response, Adrenal/Endocrine confluent. Implants: Extensive body remodeling/plating Bone Galvanization Imprinting of inert heavy metals Diamond Crystal Lattice Lamination Endoskeleton power shunt assistance Sub-dermal armor, mechanically assisted Idunn’s Recommendation: Frequent check-ups on mechanical assistance, due to the amount of sustained and repetitious abuse Geneering Profile * Grown for enhanced muscle mass, bone density * Regenerative rate, 60% * Cerebral capacity secondary * Boosted Immune system for saturation implant procedures * Adrenal and Endocrine systems boosted for response, not stability Background Thor is feared amongst the Children of YMIR. His reputation precedes him as a killer of Giants, with several thousand confirmed kills to his name. Thor was created to fulfill the role of a shock trooper: unprecedented ferocity, dexterity and staying power in close combat. To do this, his personality was crafted to neither exhibit, nor feel, fear and fight with clarity of mind. However, Thor’s latent recklessness makes him a very enthusiastic fighter, often urging him to engage the enemy against ridiculous odds rather than back down from a fight. Preferred Weapons Please note: All Aesir are trained in a wide variety of weaponry; both melee and ranged. From swords, axes, hammers and glaives, through mass driving linear accelerators, laser projectors, fusion/plasma hybrid energy weapons. Thor is assigned the sentient weapon Mjolnir. Sentient weapons are machine intelligences imprisoned inside a weapon and bonded with its owner. Man and machine fight in perfect symbiosis, becoming an unstoppable force of destruction. Mjolnir is an “impact hammer”. When primed, any hit delivered by the hammer head triggers the firing of a specially designed shaped charge directly into the body of the target, exploding a moment later. This weapon was specifically designed to fight machines with thick armor and subsequently has gained much experience in this matter. Thor’s armor is supported by interleaved force-shields to ward away even concentrated fire from energy weapons. The armor itself is crafted from carbotanium nano-rods, placed in an electrically reinforced laminate form. Under normal circumstances, it is pliable, allowing freedom of movement. Under impact, it hardens to absorb the power of a strike, disseminating the energy through the armor, rather than letting it affect its structure. Battlefield Role Thor’s role is to go toe-to-toe with anything the Children of YMIR has, including the most feared and dangerous Giants of Jotenheim. With the layers of protection his armor affords him and the skill and fearlessness Thor carries into battle, he is practically undefeated. His scars are testament to the death cries of many Joten.

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