halos Speaking to Eurogamer, Frank O’Connor (Halo Pimp) said that Halo could soon be getting its own event much like Quake has QuakeCon and Blizzard has BlizzCon.  He mentioned this at the “Halo Universe” panel at Comic Con.

“You can do a HaloCon. Nothing on the scale of Comic Con, but you could bring a few hundred people just to see a Halo thing. We’re really not worried about Halo’s ability to stand out and shine in the future. There’s plenty of stuff coming.”

While he made it clear that no formal planning has begun he said

“Bungie has done fanfests at E3 and it would be lovely to see something bigger, something more ambitious in the future.” Continue reading

gow2 Gears of war 2 is all the rage of late.  Having been the focus of Microsoft’s E3 Press conference, it went on to tease the fans some more at Comic-Con.  Mr Cliff B announced that the achievements you gained in the first Gears of War will have benefits for you when the sequel gets released in November this year.  While he only mentioned three examples, I am guessing there will be more.  The ones mentioned include:

– Complete Act One in Gears Of War, unlock a playable Anthony Carmine in Gears of War 2
– Find 10 COG tags in Gears Of War, unlock Minh Young Kim in Gears of War 2
– Kill Raam in Gears Of War, unlock a playable Raam in Gears of War 2

It not mentioned whether this is limited to Multiplayer, but one would assume so.  I am yet to see what benefit being the massive target that is Raam will provide (good luck finding cover), but at least they are trying to link the games. 

aur2In reality, this is more of a heads up than a review. I have not spent a great deal of time on this FREE game on the iTunes app store as of yet, but so far it is really good. So good that it is surprising that it is free.

It can easily be compared to games such as Puzzle League where the aim is to arrange three or more blocks in a row, either vertically or horizontally. This is done by incorporating brilliant use of the accelerometer and multi-touch. By tilting the iPod/iPhone on its side, all the blocks tumble down. This also enables you to move the blocks on a different plane. Another unique element is the Role Playing component to the game along with level-ups which provide you with useful skills such as “Time Stopper” and “Strategist”. These level-ups can aid in gameplay and increase your multipliers. The graphics and music are also of impressive quality.

You can get it from HERE. There is a video demo after the break. But largely, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch with 2.0 firmware (official or not) then you have to try this one out.

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image So our friends over at Sarcastic Gamer have scored a cool special ‘Friday night exclusive’ regarding Bungie’s ‘secret’ project. It seems you’ll play Master Chief. According to their article Bungie describes the game as…

“A younger Master Chief, in the armed forces learning his way.  Full of wonder, John has to come to terms with his military upbringing and being one of the newly christened Spartan warriors. John will come of age with the player. The player will be with him every step of the way.  From his first day at school, to his first kiss, to prom.”

Nice one dudes.

The dashboard update announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference has been leaked early through some weird series of events. A member of the MaxConsoleforums posted a link to a MegaUpload file that contained the update which people could then in turn burn to a CD to update their Xbox 360 to the as of yet unreleased firmware.

Microsoft, understandably somewhat upset at the leak, contacted MaxConsoleand requested that they remove the link, the link has since been taken down as has the file at MegaUpload. I assume it won’t be long before a torrent appears.

The question that I raise is – if this is a complete build and the dash update is ready to go, why are Microsoft holding back? What does it benefit them to wait?

resistance2 After a little confusion about the Qore announcement regarding entry to the beta (Qore is not available outside of North America), Kotaku has been contacted by the guys over at Insomniac to clear the air a little. For those of you that were worried, it does seem the beta will be available in other countries:

For all of you folks outside of North America up in arms because Qore is NA only, please don’t worry. This is one of many ways to get in, and we plan to make the beta available in all territories, as we need to test all servers and worldwide play. Further details on how to get into the beta will be forthcoming.

tera As what can only be described as a blatant publicity stunt, the official Saints Row 2 website has announced that pornstar Tera Patrick has started working on the game as a “special producer”. Apparently bringing her “one-of-a-kind touch” to the project, I don’t see how her services are likely to be of any use to producing a video game. Still though, I would have liked to have been at the meeting where executives decided this doozy of an idea. It would have been silly to hire anyone without first observing some of their previous work…

lips There are a few things I am grateful for, my lack of knowledge surrounding pop music is one of them. At E3 Keiichi Yano from iNiS gave us a tour of their new "Karaoke" title Lips that is headed to the 360 this holiday season.

Lips was announced at Microsofts E3 event but has been rumoured for a long time prior, with pictures surfacing well before the event. What was not known before E3 was how much time and attention to detail Microsoft and iNiS were spending on getting this one right and not just releasing another SingStar clone. Lips will release in a package containing two microphones that have been specially designed with a few features for this new game, the first of which is the motion sensing capability.

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X Box Cup Berlin 2006 Last night the interview with Peter Moore went live in ButtonMasher Podcast#3. There were a few things that I wanted to pull out from there to share with the non Podcast listening audiences. Here is a part were we talked Cricket

Cricket?  It’s been a while since there was a Cricket game

We continue to look at Cricket, you will see us talk about a little bit more about the Indian market for Cricket. We continue to watch the 20/20 format and seeing where that is going, but the National Test game is still the preeminent way people want to play the game. We have not done a game in a couple of years I think.

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cover The Buzz series has been a casual game favourite for years on the PS2. Families were buying up Buzz quicker than you could say “O for awesome”. Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, plus it’s a quiz game we are talking about here not some spin the wheel with Jason Gunn deal. Back on topic, and finally the Buzz series has made the transition to the current generation of game machines, appearing in all of it’s high definition glory on your PS3. I consider myself to be quite the Buzz aficionado, proudly displaying in the corner of my living room every Buzz game released, appalling “true” gamers everywhere. Will Buzz! Quiz TV live up to my high expectations???

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