Toshiba Digital Camera For every Nintendo fan in New Zealand there was an equally distraught voice of concern about how their favourite gaming company’s console and titles were being handled. With Monaco ending their relationship with the big N and then with Softprint dropping into liquidation (oh and not marketing the products at all) people were left a little mystified about how the best selling console in the world could end up like this in a corner of the world.

Well, in steps NintendAu (our lovely bastardised term for Nintendo of Australia) with what seems to be the answers to our prayers. They released a press release yesterday saying that as of Monday (the 1st of September) they will be taking over the distribution and marketing of their products into NZ. What this means is an abundance of titles and products, and also marketing. Your eyes are not deceiving you, they are planning on dropping a marketing bomb into New Zealand. So expect to see Olivia Newton John training her brain and Hamish Blake (from Rove) learning how to cook with Cooking Guide on our TV soon. Hit the break for the full press release.

Melbourne, Australia, 29 August, 2008  – New Zealand will soon see an abundance of Wii™ and Nintendo DS® products hit the shelves in retail stores, as Nintendo announces that from 1 September 2008 New Zealand will be home to a strong supply of Nintendo products. To support this, Nintendo will undertake an active advertising and marketing campaign throughout New Zealand.

The advertising campaign will kick off with Olivia Newton-John testing her Brain Training™ skills on Nintendo DS, and will also include activity for Wii Sports™ and Wii Fit™. The advertising and marketing campaign will include key Nintendo products, with five Nintendo DS, and six Wii advertising campaigns planned between 1 September and Christmas 2008.

Nintendo is known for its innovative and intuitive products, Wii and Nintendo DS, which are easy to pick up and play.

The appeal of the Wii is that it has something for everyone. From Wii Fit to Mario Kart™ Wii, gamers and non-gamers alike will find something that will appeal. Wii is easy to pick up and play – with Mario Kart Wii, players simply pick up the Wii Wheel™ and steer to begin racing, and with tennis in Wii Sports the Wii Remote is used as a tennis racquet.

Nintendo DS revolutionises handheld game play. With two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics, touch-screen technology and wireless communication, players can challenge themselves or their friends anywhere, anytime. Nintendo DS brings multiple features together to deliver cutting-edge games for fans of every genre, a great library of games including nintendogs™, Brain Training and The Legend of Zelda®: Phantom Hourglass means there’s something for everyone.

Nintendo is also known for the Touch! Generations range. Titles that include the Touch! Generations logo are games that are easy to pick up and play no matter what your gaming experience or skill level. Nintendo’s Touch! Generations titles can help you train your brain, play sudoku, brush up on your maths skills, exercise your eyes and connect with people thousands of miles away. They can be enjoyed on those quiet moments for yourself, or together with the whole family. Games in the Touch! Generations range include Wii Fit, Big Brain Academy™ for Wii, Endless Ocean™, Wii Sports, Brain Training, More Brain Training™, Sight Training™, Clubhouse Games™, nintendogs, Cooking Guide: Can’t decide what to eat? and Tetris® DS among others. Visit for more information.

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