Do you hate yourself? Excellent, we have the perfect Super Mario Bros 3 level for you. ButtonMasher forumite Glisignoli aka Gino has created this level to haunt your dreams. The thing that strikes me about what he has created is that it is sinisterly simple in terms of the construction, unlike other Super Mario mods with unnatural levels of invisible blocks.

The Spider-Man games of the past have had a few things in common, first up swinging is fun. You can launch yourself through the air moving from building to building as you shot your spider like swinging strings. The problem however that binds the games together with a web of mediocrity is the combat and gameplay outside of the swinging. Web of Shadows will hopefully break that spell. Here is a video of some of the combat on a vertical surface.


Released today on the Japanese PlayStation is The Last Guy.  I can almost guarantee that this one will be huge when it comes to our shores .  If you took Pac Man, Google Earth and Zombies, put them in a blender and poured it into your PS3 this is what you get.  Well.more likely you’d break your console.  The PlayStation blog describes it thusly:

“The Last Guy is a fast-paced and addictive classic arcade style game with simple controls. The game uses real-life aerial maps of various cities around the world, including Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. As the player, you are the last remaining hope in each of these cities to rescue mankind from the zombies roaming the streets. As you navigate the city, you gather survivors hidden throughout buildings and other nooks and crannies in the city. Once rescued, the nervous survivors will form a line behind you. The objective is to lead them back to the Escape Zone so the United Rescue Force can pick them up and whisk them off to safety.”

Just check out the trailer after the break.  It looks zombi-tastic!

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toohuman Microsoft Games Studios and Silicon Knights have announced that Too Human has gone gold and development on the title has now been completed. The development cycle of the game has attracted a substantial amount of controversy with multiple restarts occurring for different platforms and lawsuits involving the Unreal Engine. The dev’s must feel a huge amount of relief after getting the product out the door.

Microsoft expect the game to release later this month in NZ and on the 19th in the States.