A German Tech site has quoted David Reeves from Leipzig as having stated that Mirror’s Edge would be a timed exclusive for the PS3, this came out of the blue for many people looking forward to the game and especially the Xbox 360/PC owners.

The PS3 will be continuously supplied with exclusive games: “We are continuously, month after month publish new titles that bring something unique and different target groups. In a month, it is Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, as well as Third-Party Title as mirrors Edge by Electronic Arts are part of this strategy. “ According to Reeves Mirrors Edge will initially exclusively for the PS3 this year. PC and Xbox 360 versions would follow much later.

EA however have declined this statement by the SCEE President with the following…..

Mirror’s Edge will be shipping this winter on PS3, XBOX360 and PC. Mirror’s Edge will not be a timed exclusive for PS3.

Pretty clear.  Now back to waiting impatiently for it’s release


The arcade version of the latest Street Fighter game has been released in Japan, but the cabinets are able to be purchased by anyone willing to fork out the exorbitant amount required to own one. Yifan’s on Queen Street in Auckland is the first arcade in NZ to take the dive and bring it to their Arcade.


The setup is in their standard Jaleco cabinets with a back to back configuration allowing challenges. The cost is $2 per game so if you are wanting to get the most out of your money I suggest starting out in Beginner mode so the opposing cabinet can not challenge you.


Yifan’s is located on the opposite side of the street from Dunkin Donuts and EB Games on Queen Street

This past week there was a lot of confusion surrounding the status of user created content for LittlBigPlanet, there was a statement from one of the developers that said it would be region locked due to server locations, an update however has come via one of the SCE Development team in the official Playstation forums.

as many of you may have heard already in an interview at Leipzig the senior producer for LittleBigPlanet announced that the game is region locked. This is in fact not the case, and all shared levels in the game will be available worldwide. The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region – however this has been worked around and there will only be one region for the game…. a LittleBigRegion.

It wasn’t a deal breaker either way for me but this is good news for people wanting to check out the creations from players in Asia and the US.

Source via PS3F

sony_playstation_3 CNET Australia are reporting that the earlier announced 160GB PS3 SKU will not be advancing Australia fair. A spokesperson for Gamespot Australia has told CNET that:

the new PS3 was a limited edition SKU across all PAL territories that we haven’t been able to make available for Australian consumers

Usually I’m all for getting one up on our neighbours, but gaming history would suggest that what tends to happen in Australia will usually occur in New Zealand also. Here’s hoping SCENZ got their act together and scored us some 160GB PS3s!

Those stunning trailers gave a reasonable amount of hope that the new Sonic title would bring the blue hedgehog back to his glory days of fast paced action. This video from Leipzig shows that it looks like that is the case, minus the fact that there are people walking in front of the screen this video should give comfort to Sonic fans burnt so many times before. It looks stunning as well as fun, but very very fast.


The demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is now available via the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Store.

Unleash the full potential of the Force as you embark on an epic journey that takes you from being Darth Vader’s secret apprentice to becoming the galaxy’s first Rebel Agent.

The Xbox Live version of the game is 904.62MB while the Playstation version is 1355MB

buttonmash Fresh from a $20 Steak Dinner, Wugga and I attempt to coherently record some words about games on a microphone. Wugga comes up with potentially the most pointless physics feature a game could ever incorporate and I get busy retracting a lot of the negative things I said about Call of Duty: World at War. Then we round up the Leipzig news glut from earlier in the day.

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Tonight Microsoft hosted an event in Auckland in co-operation with PlayTech to promote the announcement of the new SideWinder branded PC hardware, the X6 Keyboard and the new X5 mouse. The X6 will be the first keyboard to feature a detachable number pad which can be placed on either side of the keyboard for comfort of use, it also boasts programmability allowing up to 90 specific macro commands per game.

Sidewinder X6 lo-res

The new mouse is a revision of the SideWinder branded mouse that was released last year. After a brief play around in CoD4 the mouse and keyboard seem like a very competent gaming combination with plenty of features and a comfortable size and design. We’ll have a full review up as soon as the hardware is released into the wild but for the time being the technical spec’s are past the break in the press release.

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2710714973_4a04506e64 I love a good pisstake, especially when they’re done professionally….. or at least when they’re done by professionals but look amatuer. And this is where effinfunny.com steps in. Tonight saw the release of Episode 5 of the first 6 episode season. Whether you’re a fan of the Zelda series or not, I highly suggest checking out the first episode and you’ll undoubtedly spend the next 15 minutes catching up on the series. Enjoy