Tonight EA have announced that they are developing a Tennis title for the Wii. The game will use the Wii MotionPlus technology and will be the first Tennis title to include Wimbledon. The game is planned for release late 2009 and will also be available on the other consoles after the Wii release.

Electronic Arts nnounced today that an all-new tennis videogame is in development at EA Canada in Vancouver under the EA SPORTS™ brand. The EA SPORTS tennis franchise will be available first for the Wii™ in 2009, followed by other platforms, and it will be the first EA SPORTS game that uses Nintendo’s upcoming Wii MotionPlus™ accessory for the Wii Remote™ that will give players a new level of accuracy and responsiveness.

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image Who’d have thought. I mean we heard stories at the release of ‘Tales of Vesperia’, about lines of people at one of Japan’s big stores. But our friends at Kotaku have reported that 360’s have now officially sold out across Japan!!

Like – sold out completely, like – so completely that Microsoft have actually issued a statement over there, and are now ramping up production to meet the demand.

I never thought I’d see this – Most everyone had given up on Japan taking to Microsoft’s latest console. In fact if you listen carefully, you can hear…’Pheeeew’ – coming from a large building in Redmond.

NZ Developer Sidhe Interactive were the team behind the Speed Racer Game that released earlier in the year alongside the Warner Bros film and it appears that films poor performance has affected the sales of the video game.

The business development executive from Sidhe, Jos Ruffel, had the following to say at a GCDC panel.


When you make a game based on a license you really are playing roulette – you don’t know how the film is going play out in the market. When we were first asked to do Speed Racer the property it was incredible, it was very exciting. It was a film by the Wachowski brothers and it was about car racing – awesome that’s going to make a great game.

We’re in a unique situation with the game, we’re like 40 Metacritic points above the film – usually the film and the game mirror each other quite closely on review scores… We released on the same time frame as Ironman, which was very successful film. The games didn’t review very well – but we know that Ironman games sold very well.

It’s a shame that the movie didn’t live up to expectations causing this situation.


This map editor thing basically blows my mind.  Firstly, Far Cry 2 looks damn beautiful.  and the fact that it should be relatively easy to create these very detailed is quite amazing.  I had good fun putting together maps in Crysis, but I would much rather do it on a console.  I dont believe they have mentioned how map sharing will work, but those that dabbled in Far Cry 1’s map editor will know it was pretty easy.  Enough rambling, check out the clip below and be amazed.  An interview clip is after the break.

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Pocketgamer got some hands on with Australian developer Firemints new racer.

They write:

"The game is called Real Racing, and it’s the work of Australian developer Firemint. Although that’s it running on an iPhone, the company also has it running as a Symbian game on a Nokia N95.
Firemint boss Robert Murray demoed it to us today – the first time it’s been shown to a journalist, apparently. And we are properly excited about the game, which is on course for a pre-Christmas release.
Why? The graphics are spiffing, and the tilt controls knock spots off other iPhone racing games so far.
However, it’s the connected features around the core gameplay that made our jaw drop.
There’ll be head-to-head multiplayer racing over the network or via wi-fi, which is nice. But you’ll also be able to upload your best times to Firemint’s web-based community, and even create mini-leagues of your friends."

Now you can’t tell me that doesn’t look like fun.