xboxlive After just over 26 hours Xbox Live has arisen from its self induced coma, the operation is reported to have gone well and while it did take a little longer than predicted there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage. The new Xbox Experience is still on its way and this down-time is to have prepared the network for the new features that will become available “this spring” or “fall” if you live upstairs in the northern hemisphere.

See everyone online for some Call of Duty 4 or Forza 2 tomorrow night.


Websites from all around the world have been giving away their share of access codes to get into the LittleBigPlanet Beta, now it’s our turn. We only have a handful to give away so this is strictly for New Zealand residents only.

All you have to do is post a comment on our forums to enter. If you don’t think you will use the beta very much please leave what few we have to those that really want it.

This is the thread here, Good Luck!.

Update: Thanks to everyone that expressed an interest. The codes will be allocated and sent within the hour. Unfortunately there is far more demand than we can supply and it is best that we close it off before anyone else gets their hopes up.

During Activate 2008 we got the chance to talk to a few people, one of them was Brian Bright from NeverSoft. The full interview is found in ButtonMasher Podcast #11 and covers a few more questions not mentioned here.

What I have transcribed past the break deals with the bulk of the discussion which revolved around the note tracking in GH3 versus the Harmonix developed GH2 and some other questions that Wugga had burning inside of him.

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EA has just sent through the first details for this years Interactive World Cup. The New Zealand qualifier will be the first national event in the lead up to the World Finals held later in the year. The national qualifier will be held over two days, the 25th and 26th of October with the final taking place on the 27th, the venue is also already decided with the event taking place at the Armegeddon Expo in the Aotea Centre.

More details about how the competition will progress should be available closer to the date.

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Mech’s often find themselves filling a very niche market in the gaming world, War World probably won’t break that trend but considering it’s affordable price point it might do well. The game will be available from tomorrow night for 800ms points.

Is that Bumblebee? 

War World features up to four player co-op over live and 100 levels. It also looks rather attractive for an arcade title.

Control a heavily-armed assault mech and fight for supremacy against powerful opponents on the faraway planet called War World. This fast-paced third-person shooter includes three single-player game modes with a 100-level arcade style game and four multiplayer game modes, and is one big beautiful package of entertainment.

Ok, here I am on my 2nd rewrite. It seems that Brian thought my first submission; “phlubbub” wasn’t up to Buttonmasher standards. So I looked at the review, realised I’d put no punctuation or capitals, I edited, and resubmitted. He wrote back, ‘I meant real words numbskull!’

Initially on paper, WipEout HD seems to be a cynical release. It is after all a rehash of existing tracks. Let me tell you right now, that is definitely not the case. Read on and find out why.

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24 The powers that be ( Bill Gates or Seinfield) thought it necessary to kill our Xbox Gaming Night for this week by taking Xbox Live down for a 24hour period in preparation for the new Xbox Live services that will be released in the next month or so. Microsoft PR sent through a top ten list containing ideas for things to do during the down-time, it was a little boring though.

Here is our “List of Crap to Do While You Can’t Use the Service You are Paying For”

Continue reading’ll be out and about on George Street and on Campus today, feeling the pulse of the citizens in the first ever ButtonMasher survey. The survey will of course have a gaming focus, and only take a couple of minutes of your time (I’m sure you’ve heard that one before).

Thanks to the guys at Velvet Burger (Respect!), I’ll have some of their scrumptious burgers to be giving away to some lucky sods. So if you’re around town or campus today, make sure to watch out for some random dude with a folio asking people for 2 minutes of their time and make sure you come and say hi!

It’s funny how things happen in the gaming industry, I don’t mean funny like a Chihuahua humping a teddy bear. Rather, funny like a guy getting hit in the nuts by a kid swinging a baseball bat to try and hit a pinata, and you are the guy, and the kid is Sammy Salsa, and the baseball bat is a huge spiked medieval mace. To the point, most people that are looking forward to Lionhead studio’s new game Fable II will be aware that it has long been touted that you would be able to play with your friends online in the same continuous world. You friend would be able to kill your wife, and you would be able to give him the money you promised for doing so, all through the wonders of technology, now for the funny part.

The GamerScoreBlog has posted new info that this will infact not be available at the launch of the game and will come later via a patch. They state that they expect the patch to be available within the first week after the game launches, that seems very optimistic. What do you think? Should they have waited until they could get it working properly before releasing the game? Or is the promise of a post launch patch enough to keep you interested?