According to the Wall Street Journal, The Beatles and MTV have signed a deal to create licensed products from The Beatles collective works. The official details are yet to be released but at this point in time it seems that there will be a stand alone game (much like Guitar Hero Aerosmith) that allows players to use existing peripherals.


The deal, which is set to be announced on Thursday by Viacom’s MTV and the band’s own Apple Corps Ltd., makes the Beatles the next and biggest major band to license its songs to a music-oriented videogame, joining Aerosmith, Metallica, AC/DC and others.

Rock Band and Activision’s Guitar Hero have engaged in heated competition over exclusive rights to use music by major acts, entering multimillion-dollar licensing agreements with a handful of the biggest names in the business.

The deal is a fairly large milestone for the gaming industry as The Beatles have never allowed their music to be distributed digitally. This will be the first time that anyone can legitimatly download their songs rather than purchase them on a physical media source. You’ve also got to love this line from the source story.

The games let players use plastic game controllers, shaped like miniature musical instruments, to simulate playing rock and pop songs. Players are scored on how well they hit notes.

Do you know what a Mangosteen is? Well I didn’t but after ingesting a shot of its anti-oxidising juice I decided to look them up, turns out they are not poisonous. The news is fairly light this week but there is still an important message that needs to be given, Man Up and Do Something if you want to win prizes.



High Voltage have been slaving away to create what many consider to be the most graphically impressive title in production for the Wii. Created on their own engine The Conduit sees an alien invasion take place in Washington, it has a mature theme and is a first person shooter, but until now, despite a lot of interest from gamers, it has not had a publisher. Sega has stepped in with a deal that will see them publish the title, good news for many that were worried the lack of a publisher might see the project fold.


Full press release after the break.

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Prep your broadband connections, a Demo for Mirror’s Edge has been promised for this week on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The demo will more than likely include the level you have seen a few times in videos and trailers as well as a tutorial section and the prologue to the game.


The PS3 version will be available from Playstation Store from the 30th at some point (more than likely US Time) and on the Xbox Live Marketplace from the 31st.

Also, yesterday the achievement/trophy list was revealed on the Mirror’s Edge site (here).

UPDATE: The PS3 Demo is now available and is a 917MB file.

An agreement between Nissan and EA will see the new Nissan 370Z make its debut in the upcoming Need For Speed Undercover. The 2009 model will be available in dealerships starting early 2009 but gamers will have the chance to put it through its paces early with the launch of NFS : Undercover in November.


It’s an interesting marketing idea and for gamers I think it is great, I don’t see it paying off in sales for Nissan but it can’t hurt their brand recognition.

Full press release and full sized image of the car after the break.

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resistance 2 banner

IGN have posted some comparative footage of the original Resistance game next to the sequel, Resistance 2. When you see the two games side by side, R2 looks considerably crisper and cleaner than the original and I was very impressed by the improved lighting and shadow effects. This was particularly evident during the scene with the two soldiers side by side and again in some of the fight scenes. Video after the break.

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Over the long weekend a few ButtonMashers assembled for a BBQ in Wellington to eat some food and play some RockBand, good time were had. But there was a question that arose, when would the downloadable content for RockBand arrive in NZ that is available in the other regions. EA has confirmed that it is in fact on its way, and soon.


The Xbox Live Marketplace will be updated on the 4th of November and the Playstation Store will have the content available from the 7th. Everything that is currently available on the European Music Store will be available here.

Adding to Brian’s post earlier where he mentioned the Gears of War 2 Soundtrack, today Sumthing Else Music Works announced an official release date for the Soundtrack. To be released on the 25th November, the original soundtrack from the highly anticipated blockbuster video game features a new original music score composed by Hollywood composer Steve Jablonsky (“Transformers”, “The Island”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) and recorded with the Skywalker Symphonic Orchestra and Chorus at the world famous Skywalker Sound.

Gears of war 2 banner

The soundtrack will be available at retail outlets through the Sumthing Else Music Works record label, and for digital download at See past the break for cover art and full press release.

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Stephen Coorey, known in online FIFA circles as Scoorey, had a successful weekend in Auckland trying to qualify for the final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Played in front of a large crowd at Auckland’s Aotea Centre during the Armageddon Expo, Coorey came away the victor beating out 15 year old New Zealander Alistair Wallace 4-3. In a repeat of last years competition, Coorey flew from Australia to contest the event and made the finals relatively unchallenged. This year however, he managed to secure the win, making the trip from Australia a little sweeter than last time.

FIWC banner

Coorey will travel to Berlin early next year to compete in the Grand Final for the title of FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion. As well as the title, the Grand Final winner will also receive US $20000, a brand new KIA ‘Soul’ car and a trip for two to the FIFA World Player Gala to receive their trophy. More details at