According to the Wall Street Journal, The Beatles and MTV have signed a deal to create licensed products from The Beatles collective works. The official details are yet to be released but at this point in time it seems that there will be a stand alone game (much like Guitar Hero Aerosmith) that allows players to use existing peripherals.


The deal, which is set to be announced on Thursday by Viacom’s MTV and the band’s own Apple Corps Ltd., makes the Beatles the next and biggest major band to license its songs to a music-oriented videogame, joining Aerosmith, Metallica, AC/DC and others.

Rock Band and Activision’s Guitar Hero have engaged in heated competition over exclusive rights to use music by major acts, entering multimillion-dollar licensing agreements with a handful of the biggest names in the business.

The deal is a fairly large milestone for the gaming industry as The Beatles have never allowed their music to be distributed digitally. This will be the first time that anyone can legitimatly download their songs rather than purchase them on a physical media source. You’ve also got to love this line from the source story.

The games let players use plastic game controllers, shaped like miniature musical instruments, to simulate playing rock and pop songs. Players are scored on how well they hit notes.

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