nintendo-wii.1 There has been an interesting post over at WhatTheyPlay where they are touting that they have heard from multiple sources in the game development and publishing community that Nintendo is currently showing early presentations of the Wii’s successor.

Apparently set to hit the market by 2011 the new device is said to be the true next generation Nintendo console, and far more than a simple refresh of the current hardware. Unlike previous console transitions from Nintendo, the new system will be presented as a true successor to the Wii, and is being dubbed by those that have seen the presentation as Wii HD

To be honest I haven’t put much thought into what Nintendo would bring to the table for their next generation console. High Definition was always going to be thrown into the mix, but I do wonder if they can pull off enough changes / improvements to the console for New Zealanders to begin embracing it as a viable gaming option.

EA has announced that Dead Space has gone gold and is getting ready to make its way to a video game procurement centre near you. The news also came with some pictures of different suits that you might be seeing in the game.


I will soon be taking bets as to how far I can get through Dead Space without needing to take a break.

It has been a long time since anyone saw any new information about Alan Wake, no new videos, no new screenshots, no planned release date. It’s almost as if the game vanished from the face of the earth completely. A Finnish website is reporting that all is not lost and that the game is going to have its first new media released in a matter of weeks. Pelaajalehti reports that a new trailer will be released along side the new Max Payne movie in Finland but that the video will also be available to be seen online from the 15th of this month.


It will be a very interesting to see if this comes to fruition and we are able to find out what remedy have been up to all this time.

Via NeoGAF

sce There were a good number of announcements made at Leipzig but Sony still has more up its sleeve. They have announced their lineup (that isn’t secret) and included in both the PS3 and PSP lists are a number of games that are yet to be announced.

The PSP lineup will include 3 new titles being published by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan while the PS3 will have 9 new SCEJ games along with 1 new Konami title and something by a Japanese publisher called Irem. The Tokyo Game Show is being held from the 9th of October through to the 12th.

Past the break are lists of games that will be shown that have already been announced.

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