Up to this point there really hasn’t been anything shown that has really compelled me to be interested in the story of Killzone 2. The stunning visuals and promising gameplay made me interested in the game, but this trailer shows that there is more to Guerilla’s debut into the current generation of consoles than just a pretty face.


The trailer is one of the more provocative pieces of promotional material released for a game, it highlights the struggle between Human and Helghast forces and the emotion driving (what I assume is) the lead character.

Video is after the break.

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In the tradition of the original Colonization from 1994, this remake takes the current Civilization engine, and refines it to concentrate specifically on the European colonisation of the Americas.


It seems like you’d need to be pretty interested in American history to enjoy it, and while that’s not entirely the case, American history buffs will certainly enjoy this title more than the rest of us.

Starting out, you choose from one of four nations – Spain, France, The Netherlands and England – and then one of two available governors.  The choice of country and governor comes down purely to stats.  If you want to chop everything in sight, go the Spanish; if you want to rule the New World using economics, it’s the Dutch you want, and so on.  As the game progresses, various Founding Fathers – real figures from history – will offer to join your colony, offering further buffs to your stats.  The system of acquiring Founding Fathers seems a bit arbitrary, and lends itself more to opportunistic buff-grabbing than any real long term strategic planning.

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Saints Row 2 will inevitably be compared to GTA much like the first game was. I will come right out and say that Saints Row 2 is more “GTA” than GTA IV is. The guys at Rockstar went all serious with their last game. Seriousness is the antithesis of Saints Row 2. The developer (Volition) took the over the top gameplay presented in the first Saints Row and ran with it. Don’t get me wrong, GTA IV is a fantastic game, but I would lie if I said I didn’t miss some of the silliness that disappeared with the more serious tone. So while GTA is undoubtedly a better game, with better graphics, sound design, soundtrack, animation, etc, I think that I might have had more fun playing Saints Row 2.

saints_row2 bann

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World at War is a shoot’em up set during WW2 but we all knew that, what we didn’t know is that it will also include an utra-realistic and historically accurate simulator of the Nazi Zombie horde invasion of 1944. The newly announced feature will be unlocked by finishing the single player campaign and just like the main story line it will be able to be played through in co-op. The mode will feature unending waves of Zombies with some type of currency earning to enable the purchasing of weapons and objects to help keep you alive.


The first video of this mode can be found in the latest GametrailersTV which contained the announcement.


Sony sent through a code for us to check out the Resistance 2 Beta and share our impressions with you. Given that I didn’t have time to check it out myself I pasted it on to Jimbo to have a look at it. Here are his impressions.

I was lucky enough to get a code to download the beta for Resistance 2 and after playing the beta it only reaffirms the fact that Resistance 2 will be very, very awesome.

The beta has 2 game play modes available, Cooperative and Competitive. Co-op takes you and up to 7 other buddies into various maps (for the beta the only map available is Orick, California) and sends you out to complete various goals while fighting an onslaught of Chimera. These goals consist of things such as destroying power nodes and turning off resonators.

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Scifi fans may already be familiar with Tad Williams’ massive Otherland epic; a 4 volume story about a huge virtual reality network conceived as a way for the world’s richest and most powerful people to achieve immortality.

On October 1st, Tad Williams announced that an MMORPG set in the Otherland network was in development by REALU’s Singapore studio.  It’s to be published by dtp entertainment AG.

The Otherland universe is huge in scope, with hundreds of different worlds.  Only two have been revealed so far, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how many will make the transition from the book to the game.  It’s currently slated for release in 2010.

 Lambda Mall in Otherland

Check out Tad’s site for more info.

More screenshots after the break.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is having a stellar year with over half a million EA SPORTS GamerNet clips posted online since launch of the game in late August. Also, over 1.1 million pictures have been uploaded online since the introduction of Photo Game Face. Compared to last year, this has equated to a two and three fold increase of online usage for the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively. Impressive numbers that’s for sure.

tiger woods banner

Following on with the release of Firestone Country Club at the start of the month, EA Sports have released Spyglass Hill Golf Course which is available for purchase and download via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Playstation Store. It’s a shame EA Sports didn’t decide to reward gamers with a free downloadable course, but I guess I guess you can’t get everything for free. Press release after the break.

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gtaIV banner

Thanks to the PS3 getting Trophy support, Rockstar have announced that as of next week, 51 trophies will be made available for GTA IV on PS3. The trophy additions provide a good incentive for gamers to dig out their copies of GTA IV and is a nice touch as we gradually move into the holiday season. Check out the full list of trophies after the break.

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Not to be outdone by Sony and their popular Resistance 2 television commercial, Microsoft have today released a 60 second ad spot for the highly anticipated “Gears of War 2.” Entitled ‘last day’, the commercial follows on from the style of the ‘Mad World’ commercial released in 2006 by featuring the beautiful music track, “How it Ends,” by indie rock band DeVotchKa.

Gears of war 2 banner

The ad shows Marcus Fenix and other members of the Delta Squad chilling out above ground as they prepare for the most important battle of their lives – the battle for humanity’s very survival. Check the Game Video’s hosted trailer after the break.

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The Armageddon pop culture expo kicks off today at Auckland’s Aotea Centre. The expo has traditionally been fairly heavily skewed towards TV, Anime and Wrestling but this year it seems that all of the gaming companies are on board with all of the big names having a presence at the show. So if you get the chance it might be a great opportunity to check out a few games that will be releasing over the next few months.

armageddon banner

The expo runs through until Monday and a single day pass for an adult costs $16. See their website for more details.