It has been 4 years in the making and is possibly one of the most anticipated titles to hit the last quarter of this gaming year. It was rumoured that everything that had to be pulled from the original Fable would be inserted into Fable 2 and this made all the fans of the original extremely excited. With its release this week gamers will finally be able to get their hands on the title for themselves and be able to answer whether or not is was worth the wait.

However, there were some of us that never played the original and could only get excited about what was being talked about during Fable 2‘s development, and whether or not it met my expectations is exactly what you’re about to find out.banner

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Given that the pictures I used for the Motorstorm Pacific Rift review (link) solely comprised of pictures of me crashing ,I felt I better put up some more screenshots from the game. All of these are taken using the in game picture option accessible via the pause menu.


I think what you see here gives you a fair idea of the variety of the tracks on offer, there are also Lava/Fire tracks but I have to leave something to surprise you.

All 35 past the break.

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Remember when it was reported that one of the key features for Fable 2 didn’t make it in time for the games release date? Well good news, Lionhead Studios and Microsoft have announced that an update will be available to download on day one.


Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios confirmed today that the online co-op “Fable II” multiplayer feature update is confirmed for an Oct. 21 free download on Xbox LIVE, worldwide. We are pleased to provide “Fable II” fans around the world with the chance to hop in and out of their friend’s “Fable II” worlds, to meet their heroes, dogs, spouses and experience Albion, together online. “Fable II” will be available at retailers throughout North America on October 21 and across Europe on October 24.

That’s some mighty fine promise keeping right there! Kudos to Peter and the team.

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It has been far to long since we put up some video content. This video is from last week when GaR and I headed up to Auckland to check out a few games. We give a very brief overview of the games which included Gears of War 2, Sonic Unleashed, Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia.

There is a look at a Gear of War trinket that we will be giving away in the next podcast and we also took a moment to try the donuts that Sock Merchant had so empathically recommended.

Video after the break

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Motorstorm is the best selling Playstation 3 release title and was loved by many people who enjoyed the rough and tumble off-road action, it wasn’t perfect and it lacked an important feature, but it was fun. Motorstorm Pacifc Rift was set to take the winning formula that was in the original and plug the holes, clean the exterior and glue on a few new shiny trinkets, for the most part it has worked.


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Far Cry 2

I had the opportunity recently to wrap my mitts around the upcoming Far Cry 2.  Following on from the original, this game aims to show what is graphically possible on current generation gaming machines.  As Gary of Monaco says:  “Where Far Cry 1 was showing off was with water… Far Cry 2 is all about the fire.”

This is achieved with some clever procedural programming that mimics the way fire behaves in real life.  The results are stunning.  You can chuck a molotov cocktail into an enemy position, and before long the fire will have spread downwind, engulfing grass, trees, structures, and anything else unlucky enough to be caught within its reach.

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Some light Sunday viewing for you, Rio Pesino discusses the state of video game journalism with Ron Workman, formerly of, Sid Shuman of Gamepro and Xbox’s Larry Hyrb, AKA Major Nelson.

reboot banner

As a video game blogger myself, I found the show quite interesting. I agreed with a lot of the comments made, particularly the ones from Ron Workman. Very few people I talk to take the fact that I write for a gaming blog seriously, yet if I was to tell them I am a video game journalist, they would be more accepting of my video game passion and how I express my views. While I don’t think video game magazines will disappear outright, I do feel that over time, more people will be turning to blogs and gaming sites such as Buttonmasher for their daily video game news, as opposed to handing over money for a paper version of old news and reviews.

Video show after the break.

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Did they or didn’t they copy Nintendo’s Miis? When Microsoft first announced their new Avatar system, you could almost hear the groans of indifference towards the arguments that were likely to ensue.

microsoft avatars

When Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo threw out the line “copying is a form of flattery”, you just knew Microsoft would respond. Now Don Mattrick has come out in an interview with OXM UK and claimed that he invented the whole avatar concept in the first place. He believes ‘4D boxing’, a game made by his company (all the way back in 1991) was the first game to feature avatars.

One cool concept on two different consoles, does it really matter? Maybe Nintendo are just jealous because the Microsoft avatars look a hell of a lot nicer than their Miis!

Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment. Texas Children’s hospital will be the main beneficiary of the Sarcastic Gamer driven initiative. Today, gamers from around the world have started their 24 hour gaming marathons in support of the project.

extra life banner

Get behind sarcastic Gamer by checking out the Extra Life page, or maybe even donating to the cause. And if you’re really keen, Jim Sterling from Destructoid will be streaming his Singstar marathon for everyone to watch:

I’ll be playing SingStar for twelve hours, taking a break between each of our ten copies of the game. If, after twelve hours, I have raised $5000, I will then play for another twelve hours. Should you, the Destructoid community (and the gamer community at large) FAIL to meet my demands, the second half of the marathon will instead be spent having fun.

Update: If you haven’t checked out Jim Sterling singing yet, do it NOW. His singing skills are not the greatest I have ever heard, but you have to give the man credit for streaming his Singstar efforts. That man deserves a DB.