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Crash Commando is probably not on your radar, but it should be. What is this then you may ask? It is a third person 2D action shooter, to give a description that is as clear as mud. It is a side scrolling multiplayer focused game that is a cross between Worms and Contra. While it does give you the opportunity to play singleplayer, it basically translates to a bot match. A bot match that is fun as hell. However, it is when playing multiplayer (with up to 12 players) that it becomes really cool.

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The underground racing genre has never been a game type I have been too enthused about. I would have to consider myself a purist at heart and If I am going to invest time into a racing game, I want a realistic experience.

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I want to be tinkering with vehicle settings, upgrading parts and trying to push my car to it’s limits on a replica track with physics as close to the real thing as possible. Aside from the upgrading parts bit, Midnight Club: Los Angeles (MCLA) is none of those, however, there was something quite refreshing about driving behind a car, flashing your headlights, before embarking on illegal street racing at break neck speeds in my beat up Volkswagen.

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After receiving several Xbox LIVE disconnects over the last hour, I decided I have had enough and gave my Xbox 360 a rest for the time being. It turns out I’m not the only one. Plenty of gamers on Neogaf and Neowin are experiencing the same problem. According to XboxAddict, a statement was issued by earlier today stating:

At this time, you may experience issues connecting or logging into Xbox Live. Please try connecting to Xbox Live again later as the concern is being looked into.

Very frustrating as I keep leveling up on Call of Duty, then have it revoked as I get kicked from the server for disconnecting from LIVE. I wonder if it’s somehow related to the official launch of the NXE next week? Anyone else experiencing this problem tonight?

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EA Sports have announced that 14 International commentaries are now available to download for FIFA 09 free of charge.

FIFA Soccer 09 currently features specific languages by region but beginning today gamers can download and experience play-by-play commentary from other regions of the world. This will deliver a new international experience to FIFA Soccer 09 fans.

Additionally, EA Sports offer an additional English commentary pack featuring Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley previously unavailable on any version of FIFA Soccer 09 which is available to download for only $4.99 US. See past the break for the full list of new languages and commentators.

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I am sure there are a few pissed off and disappointed gamers after opening their Call of Duty: World at War Collector’s Edition yesterday, and so they should be. I have a few issues here – first is the promotion of their Collector’s Edition of World at War which explains that gamers will receive a collectible COD-themed tin, a head start in Multiplayer with more weapons, modes and perks unlocked via download code, a week of double XP and an 8 oz. Call of Duty branded brushed stainless steel canteen. First of all, your head start is not quite what it is cracked up to be, with only one item made available in the form of a FG 42 machine gun (normally unlocked at level 45). There are no additional modes or perks made available. Secondly, the 8 oz. canteen does not function at all! It turns out the canteen can not actually be opened!

Activision may not be completely to blame here as stores such as Gamestop, Bestbuy and Walmart all have different wording on their Collector’s Edition descriptions than New Zealand websites, but it would have been nice to see this updated prior to release, as I would not have purchased the Collector’s Edition if I had known this. See past the break for images of the canteen and other concerns I have with the Collector’s Edition.

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With the success of Wii Fit, it’s only fair that EA get a cut of the market right? Well thats what they think! Following in the footsteps of Wii Fit, EA are releasing a fitness based game appealing to women.

EA Sports Active uses straps to attach the Wii’s controller and nunchuk to a player’s body, so varying fitness routines can be performed without holding the controls. The game will release next March and Peter Moore believes the Active brand will be a “somewhat radical departure from the normal game experiences we provide customers”.

A few images after the break.

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It had to happen sooner or later. After 17 various releases of Singstar, Sony just had to bring out a version of Singstar that was geared purely towards small children. Enter Singstar Singalong with Disney, featuring 20 original tracks and music videos accompanied with original footage from the movie in which each song appears, will this title be the one to drive parents batty as we move towards the holiday season.

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A recent post on the Fable 2 development blog reveals a big announcement due sometime next week:

Normally, we don’t like to tease too much. You know, all this hype being generated by teasing the announcement that there will be an announcement in X-number of days. Who cares? But in this day and age where a gazillion titles are asking for your attention, I felt it might be the right thing to do on the blog. We’ve got some G o o d [Good] news for all Fable II fans next week, dare I even say it’s quite a big announcement? Yes of course I dare say it’s a big announcement regarding Fable II, next week!

So.. What’s the big announcement? Anyone wanna take a stab in the dark?

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According to, sales data from Top Global Markets has revealed that EA’s Madden NFL 09 was the best selling game from July to September 2008. Madden sold a tad under 3 million units in the US, Japan and the UK combined, which beat out Nintendo’s Wii Fit which sold 2,089,000 units. See past the break for the top 5 third quarter games (according to Top Global Markets).

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Many of us have been looking forward to shooting zombies in the face with up to 3 friends, and now that time has arrived. The left 4 Dead demo is now available to Xbox Live users as well as the folks on Steam (that PC thing). The demo takes place from the start of the Survivor’s first campaign (including the opening movie). This area of the demo will encompass a hospital level, and an area outside the Hospital. As you should know by now, you play as one of four survivors who are immune to the virus that has turned most of the population into a variety of mutant zombies. Awesome! The demo is 1.21 GB.