buzz horror pack

Still have your copy of Buzz! Quiz TV lying around? Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment released their fourth add on question pack for the game. Timed to coincide with Halloween, the Horror Pack throws in over 500 new questions about, yup you guessed it, horror movies. The game is playable in all of the current game modes, which seems pretty standard for all of their current question packs available to download.

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In 2006 Gears of War crashed into the gaming scene with a hiss and a roar, it was a monumental success and it performed better than most predicted it would, even surprising some fans. Two years down, and what seems like a million shooters in between, and we are getting our second course of Chainsaw madness.


Many people complained about certain aspects of the original game; Epic it seems has ears and uses them, along with some impressive programming abilities, to create a sequel truly deserving of carrying the name of studio and the Gears franchise.

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portal banner

Portal the original video game, was released late last year as part of the Orange Box bundle for Xbox 360 and PC, and was also released on the PS3 a few months later. Portal: Still Alive, sounds like a sequel, but resembles more of a re-release with a few new levels added on to the end. However, in no way does that mean you should avoid picking up this gem. This short, yet critically acclaimed first person, action / puzzle game may just be the most fun I have ever had playing a video game. It’s a bold statement to make I know, but there are several features of this game intertwined with one another that give the gamer an experience different to anything they have played before.

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It seems like there’s never been a delayed local release that has infuriated so many like this one has, and it’s hard to imagine that the distributors are over the moon about it either, it feels like the only reason we’re getting it even now is because of the need to be first full-band game to market, and with Guitar Hero: World Tour right around the corner, it’s certainly not going to be a battle-of-one for much longer. Rock Band is developed by Harmonix, the other half responsible for building the foundations (along with Red Octane,) of the well known Guitar Hero franchise. This time, as the name implies, it’s time to crowd four band members around a console, bass and lead guitar (though only one guitar comes in the hardware bundle, you can use old Guitar Hero controllers as well,) a drummer, and you can even bring that Singstar-loving weirdo along for the ride.

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Thanks to some Hollywood shenanigans it seems that some information has surfaced about a new title in the works by EA which is based on a portion of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The game, rumoured to be called Dante’s Inferno, has ignited bidding from movie studios to get the rights to produce a film based on the game.

EA has not commented or confirmed as to the veracity of the rumours so for the time being we are in the dark, but given that the end of the year is quickly approaching it won’t be long until we see information being released about their 2009 lineup. It’s good to see that despite a larger than expected financial loss in Q2, EA are still following through with their plan of creating new IP’s, or in this case working with really really old ones that haven’t been used in video games.

My money is on the fact that it is actually a trilogy with Purgatory and Heaven to follow.

xbox 360 banner

A few days ago, Microsoft New Zealand announced a new LIVE starter pack ($149.95 RRP), to be made available this month. The Starter Pack will include a 60GB detachable hard drive for storing music, an Xbox 360 Headset, an Ethernet cable and a three-month Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE. This will be a great addition to the New Xbox Experience to arrive on November 19th and will allow gamers to take advantage of some of the great features the NXE will be offering. See past the break for the press release and images.

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LTRC banner

Lord of the Rings: Conquest, the game developed by Pandemic Studios and even aided by our very own Weta Digital, has been given an international release date of 9th January.  The game will allow you to follow both a good and evil campaign, giving it a little more variety and replay value. Howard Shore’s score composed for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will also feature. Check out the trailer after the break.

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