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Prince of Persia is basically a story reset, and it is the second time the series has done so. It makes no mention of the events of the past games. Instead you set off on an all new adventure accompanying a chick named Elika. While it does have a fair bit in common with the past games, it introduces a stunning new art style, streamlined mechanics (read easa-fied), and a new system to keep you from dying. It is a fairly easy game, but it also makes for a satisfying 12 or so hours.

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Go on, admit it – you love ABBA. You turn the dial up when an ABBA song comes on the radio, you sing ABBA loudly in the shower, you even wish you were old enough to have seen them perform live!

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With simple lyrics and catchy hooks, this Swedish pop group become immensely popular worldwide and are one of the world’s best selling bands with over 400 million albums. Singstar ABBA was a no brainer of course and it would have to be a sure thing that this won’t be the last band specific Singstar game to be released.

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At this time of year, Karaoke games are always the ‘in’ thing. As people celebrate and wind down for the year, inhibitions are thrown out the window as alcohol induces binges have people believing they have all of a sudden been blessed with the ability to hold a tune.

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These days you no longer need the alcohol or public humiliation. Thanks to this Sony cash cow, all you need is a PS3 and a set of microphones and you are on your way to dreams of grandeur (or possibly a painful NZ Idol audition!)

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The Forbidden Siren was huge when it released on the PS2 back in 2004, and with a new generation of machines the people behind the title wanted to create something new in what was originally going to be a sequel to the 2004 title. In the end they decided they already had a more than decent game on their hands and with a few tweaks could bring the scares to a whole new group of gamers.

With a few changes to some of the characters, a slight adjustment in story and a new episodic style, SCE Japan managed to release the game on both the PSN as a downloadable “chapter by chapter” style, as well as the retail “buy in store” style we know and love.

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rolandobanner I have spent several hours with this game, and quite simply…it is amazing. Yes, it is basically LocoRoco.  It looks like LocoRoco and it plays like LocoRoco… but better. I’m pretty sure everyone that has played LocoRoco on PSP has tried to tilt the thing to make the world tilt. In Rolando that is exactly what you do. It also has a whole lot more interaction with the world.You use that to make your Rolandos jump, but you there are also objects that you directly and indirectly interact with. Just check out the  video after the break. The came costs about $13NZ, which is a steal for what you get. 

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Only the most dedicated and fearless podcast listener should download this beast of an episode. It’s the ButtonMasher Podcast but it’s EXTREME!!!!!!

Some early Killzone 2 impressions as well as an interview with the Producer of The Godfather 2


Bit of a tough week for Tiger Woods. First his caddie is reported to have called Phil Mickelson a prick while speaking in New Plymouth and now his Tiger Woods 09 ad has been pulled from U.K. screens. The commercial shows the real life Woods playing with a Wii remote, but the game play footage is from the Xbox 360 game,  implying the visual quality in both versions are the same.

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The Advertising Standards Authority said the following regarding EA:

EA were told that Wii footage would not be of broadcast quality, and the originating agency had thought it preferable to use the Xbox footage, which was closer to broadcast definition, than to ‘up the resolution’ of Wii footage to broadcast quality

Spider-man first appeared on the scene in 1962 and was born from the desire to create a character with whom teens could identify. Over the time it seems Spider-man has been pushed aside as other popular super heroes are developed, but he still remains one of the more iconic super heroes of all time.

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There is something about his spidey sense, super human strength and ability to climb walls that makes every young boy want to be like him. From recent memory, there hasn’t been much to write home about in terms of Spider-man video games, but could Web of Shadows be one of the better Spider-man games yet?

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