’s Rock Band video competition concluded on the 30th of November.  So on the 29th, the Buttonmasher podcast crew (Brian Wugga and myself) got together, borrowed some instruments, fired up a video camera and made a video.

Filming concluded at around 2am on Sunday (the 30th), and I was up until almost 6am ripping, copying, editing and converting.  It was uploaded when I got up, and Wugga put in the entry.

The song we chose was Skullcrusher Mountain, by Jonathon Coulton; a heart-wrenching tale of unrequited love from the point of view of a soft-hearted supervillian.  We chose it because Wugga said it would be awesome.  Fortunately, it was.

Here’s our entry, in all its Youtubey goodness.

Once the dust had cleared, the Buttonmasher entry was declared the winner.

Says Teljam: 

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Wugga, Brianemone, and Gar with your video interpretation of Skullcrasher Mountain by Jonathon Coulton – You guys have talent – I dunno what sort of talent, but talent nonetheless.

And thanks to all of the other entrants to this comp – You all did a great job, and provided some good times to the Xbox Community – Awesome!!!

After the break are the other entries.

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As I sit here trying to squash my 30 odd hours of play time into some simple thoughts, the things I remember most strongly are the stories. Trying to hold down our position on a wharf as you know…zombies can’t cross water (wrong!), carefully scattering LPG tanks on a roof in hope that they will help our cause, I remember the jackass that set off the car alarm attracting every zombie in the neighbourhood, I remember the many closets we fortified, I remember the panic and I remember the determination to survive. Most of all I remember the fun.

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