Since the franchises inception Karaoke fans have clamoured for Sony to release wireless microphones for SingStar, the initial offering with Microsoft’s Lips made the corded agony all the more bitter. Now the call has been answered and Sony will be releasing, along side Singstar Pop Edition, wireless microphones that will function on both the PS2 and PS3. The wireless mic’s will also feature a word recognition feature that will allow players to navigate the menu without a controller, here’s hoping it is more intuitive than most Telco IVR’s.


Also announced today are the SingStar Song Packs that will be available for PS3 users from the SingStore. The people in this image are obviously enjoying the Song Pack that they selected but have yet to purchase the Wireless Microphones, which I am led to believe makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The Song Packs consist of 5 songs each and while some will be themed by type(Pop, 80’s, Rock) there will be Artist specific packs available starting with two Queen song packs. (see here for specifics)

Click past the break to check out what the wireless mic’s will look like.


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