EA and DICE recently released some downloadable content for Mirror’s Edge in the form of a map pack. It consists of seven new maps which lets you do nine more time trials. That is to say, there is no new singleplayer content. What you get is some bat shit crazy courses to run through as quickly as possible. While the routes are not quite as difficult as a lot of the time trials you unlock in the “on disc” game, I found that i played through each multiple times. The map designs are minimalistic for sure, but the geometry is set up in beautiful and messed up ways.

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You might feel a little overwhelmed by the strange look and setup at first. As with the core game, colours are used to show you the way. However the colour isn’t always red, and therefore is sometimes a little less obvious. There are also coloured patterns (much like Faith’s tattoos) along the floor and walls in places to show you various routes.

There are some pretty tricky jumps involved in the new maps. Seeing as there is no…well ground…and the geometry consists of floating panels and blocks, it is fairly easy to overdo some of the jumps.

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I really liked the new maps. They offer a new flavour to Mirror’s Edge and gave me a reason to go back and jump around some more. I found these a tad easier than some of the time trials in the core game, but i consider that a good thing considering the rage that some of those caused me. It is obvious that a fair amount of attention was given to them, and they look pretty too.

If you like the time trials in Mirrors Edge, this DLC will definitely keep you going a while longer. If you aren’t really into that (what’s wrong with you?) then you might want to pass. This map pack is a bit on the pricey side, so make your own minds up. You an get it from the PlayStation store for around $16, or from Xbox Live Marketplace for 800MS points. If you are in PlayStation camp, there is an additional map available as a free (and separate) download.


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