In a week when every man and his dog (except DoubleMANTIS :D) will be at home battling their way through Killzone 2 in an effort to boost their skills and climb the online ranks,it could be easy to overlook the releases on the PS Store.


Here’s what is out this week so you can minimise you Killzone 2 downtime and get back into the action as soon as possible.

Tom Clancy H.A.W.X. Demo (Playable) Free

Buzz ‘Quiz of the year’ (Game pack) $9.50

Generation of Chaos (full game, PSP only) $24.90

WWII: Battle over the pacific (full game, PSP only) $24.90

Street Fighter IV Brawler Pack (Game pack) $7.90

Skate 2 ‘San Van’ Classic Pack (Game pack) $7.90

Lord of the Rings ‘Conquest’ (Game pack) $15.50

High velocity bowling ‘Candy Pack’ (Game pack) $1.90

High velocity bowling ‘Dwayne pack’ (Game pack) $1.90

High velocity bowling ‘Trick shot pack’ (Game pack) Free

Guitar Hero WT ‘Bob Seger’ (Game pack) $3.90 – $10.50

Rock Band ‘Jimmy Eat World’ (Game pack) $2.90 – $7.90

Rock Band ‘Alt Country Pack’ (Game pack) $2.90 – $12.70

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Trailer (SD) Free

FIFA 09 Ultimate Team Intro video trailer (HDTV 720p) Free

Burnout Paradise The ultimate bundle trailer (HDTV 720p) Free

Echochrome master maze makers trailer (HDTV 720p) Free

Prince of Persia epilogue trailer (HDTV 720p) Free

Lumines Supernova trailer (HDTV 720p) Free

LocoRoco 2 Muimuis House theme (PS3) Free

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