Gaming and reading sometimes go hand in hand, in fact until the rise of the cinematic cut scene storylines were delivered via the written word. Times have changed however and reading (as a pass time) is less and less common as TV Movies and Games take over, but there are still those that enjoy a good read and Nintendo have released a title that might appeal to many of that type.


As the name suggests 100 Classic Book Collection is a compilation of titles from various authors, the likes of Jane Austin, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. The range of books are probably not everyone’s cup of tea but given the nature of the collection that shouldn’t be a problem unless you can’t read the title, in which case the experience isn’t going to be the most pleasant experience in any case.

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You might have picked up from Ahmad’s post earlier in the day that a deal is coming up to coincide with the release of Halo Wars. The offer is a nice incentive for those looking to purchase a console and will run from launch of Halo Wars on the 26th of Feb and will be open for the first month.

The deal excludes the unannounced Red Xbox 360 SKU but is available from any participating retailer (including EB for less obnoxiously coloured consoles) a list of which can be found here.

Rumours are abound about a red Xbox 360 console, initially thought to be tied in to a special limited edition Resident Evil 5 bundle. Then, a few days ago, a “Toys ‘R’ Us” employee snapped a photo of a Red Elite Xbox 360 listing from his store’s database.

Today, perhaps the first very real proof of a red Xbox 360 console has surfaced, hidden away in a press release announcing Microsoft’s latest Xbox promotion. A free copy of Halo Wars is to be given away with every Xbox 360 sold during the promotional period of 26 February 2009 – 26 March 2009.

While this could be a mistake of epic proportions, it is more likely that this information has slipped through inadvertantly prior to an official announcement for a new red console.

EB Games stores contacted today believe that they are due to have a limited edition red Elite console releasing alongside Resident Evil 5 on Friday 13 March, with a tentative price of $592 including 2 games – Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2. EB Games is a division of US games retailing-giant GameStop.

We’ll provide you with more information as it becomes available.

There were no initial plans to release the DSi outside of Japan but the success of the unit meant that it is a financially sound proposition. Nintendo of Australia (and now New Zealand) have announced today that the DSi will launch in New Zealand and Australia on 2 April – that’s 3 days prior to the scheduled US launch.

The Australian price will be $299 compared to $199 for the DS Lite, while the NZ price is only tentatively set at $375 (compared to $249 for the DS Lite). Why tentative? In an unusual qualifier on the press release, Nintendo say that the “NZ price is based on current exchange rate”. One only hopes that this doesn’t mean all Nintendo products will have price shifts due to the fluctuating and weak dollar.

Full press release is after the break:

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Enter the beautiful world of Flower. Flower is the latest game release from Thatgamecompany, better known for earlier release Flow. Flower isn’t the standard kind of game the majority of our readers will be accustomed to, actually, it’s really difficult to describe what sort of game Flower is, it’s more of a interactive experience. The games creative director Jenova Chen describes it as “a video game version of a poem”. Read on to see if it’s ‘your cup of tea’.

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From the “you knew it before you read it” file, Street Fighter IV is being downloaded around the world a week out from its official release. It is almost inevitable that this sort of thing will go on, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow for fans forking out $140 to reward those who have worked to bring the game to fruition.

Is it even worth opening this can of worms up for discussion?

Party mode for Burnout Paradise, GTA IV DLC plus Call of Duty WAW’s new map pack means that we are mulling over older titles, but fear not 100 Classic Books gets a look in. We also review Pikmin for the Wii and Fire Emblem: Dragon Shadow on the DS.


Also we have two copies of Killzone 2 to giveaway. Listen to the cast to find out how to enter.


By now almost everyone knows about the GTA downloadable content that is on it’s way for the 360, if not consider yourself informed. Today Microsoft have announced the cost of this DLC as 1600MS points if you are buying direct from the Xbox Live Marketplace, tokens will also be available to purchase the DLC from retailers at a price of $34.95.

Xbox Live will be able to be used for free by anyone while playing GTA IV from the 18th of Feb through to Feb the 23rd.

With the recent demise of Red Ant, the Australian distributor for all things Capcom, there have been a few brands that have been hanging in a temporary form of limbo. Capcom and THQ have announced that the Capcom games will now be distributed using the existing chanels for THQ titles. For NZ, which doesn’t have a THQ office, Monaco will be taking onboard these titles as they are the current distributor for THQ.


Ther following is the official statement from THQ

“We are excited to be working with Capcom,” said Rodney Block, General Manager – THQ Australia/NZ.  “Capcom is renowned for great gaming experiences and have such incredible franchises as Street Fighter and Resident Evil. THQ are looking forward to bringing these highly-anticipated Capcom titles to gaming audiences across Australia and New Zealand”

What this means for us in New Zealand is pretty simple, we will get the games on the planned release dates and we might even see a reduction in the previously proposed retail prices on the upcoming titles like Resident Evil and Street Fighter as the previous distibutor was the only one in NZ charging $140 for their AAA titles.