Some beans have been spilling on various web-sites citing Famitsu as the source of the information, Tecmo has since confirmed the fact that a reworking of Ninja Gaiden 2 is in the pipeline for the PS3 and that it will be titled Ninja Gaiden Sigma II. It is believed that the game will contain new content as the first Sigma game did.


This is not all that surprising for the company to pursue all possible avenues of milking a franchise by releasing it on as many platforms as possible but it does however make that “Xbox Only” stamp seem a little less authoritative. There is also no doubt that the creator of the Ninja Gaiden series Tomonobu Itagaki (who no longer works for Tecmo) will be disappointed after his comment about how he thought about the potential for this happening.

We’ve announced it as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but I don’t own Tecmo the company. But if that were to ever happen it would be a loss of face for everyone involved.

Oh well. Life ain’t nothing but bitches and money.

Secret Agent Clank was a hit on the PSP last year and will be following the stead of many other PSP titles byt making a migration to the PS2. The port/rebuild is expected to be available later this year, and while there isn’t any mention of new content, for gamers that don’t get portable game time very often it is a chance to see what all the fuss was about.


The press release also mentions something about Fembots, that’s hot.

At shipping The Godfather II will have four multiplayer modes along with six maps to play on, EA have announced that at release a free patch will be available to enable an additional game mode called Don Control where the player has a top down view of the map and controls the action from above.


Cheers EA, it’s good to see some companies releasing day one downloadable content without trying to charge for it, unlike others………… I am looking at you Capcom. The Godfather is still scheduled to release early April.

You’ve created the world’s most popular gaming console, with demand outstripping supply. So what is your next natural move? Er, raise the price, I guess? In an unprecedented move for any gaming console in any generation, Nintendo have announced that the UK RRP for the Wii will increase by £20 to £199.99. No console in history has had anything buy price drops over time, but then again this isn’t just any console. Nintendo has made a profit on every Wii sold since day 1, making this no ordinary console. Demand has continued been very strong, even as it heads into its third year without ever having a single price drop since launch.

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It doesn’t have a name yet but if their past releases are anything to go by (Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers) then this new game with the working title of Game #3 should be adorable, fast paced and instant fun.


The trailer indicates that the title isn’t due until next year but platform of release and price is still unannounced. Trailer is past the break.

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Army of Two was pretty sweet in a lot of ways but could have used improving in many others, it looks like with the sequel EA might get the chance to build on the first. To be called Army of Two: The 40th Day (contrary to my initial impression that the game should be called Army of Two Two) and is expected to release in the second half of this year.


The game is based in Shanghai and is set after some kind of catastrophic event and promises more Co-op based gameplay functions that won’t be limited to specific times/locations. The game will release on the PS3, XBox 360 and PSP.

50 Cent; Blood on the Sand is a title that instantly polarises the gaming worlds population into two separate groups, one that hates 50 Cent with a fervour of a thousand flaming deaths and another that refuse to admit in public that they actually like his music and secretly dream of guiding him through an Indiana Jones-esque adventure. I fell into neither of these groups I am one of the few that held out hope that a ridiculous setting coupled with solid gameplay mechanics and a monumental piss-take of Gangster/Rap culture would prove to be immensely enjoyable, to the detriment of 50C:BOTS (how’s that for an acronym) my theory is yet to be tested.


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It’s Sunday night and it’s about time I got this done. Street Fighter IV has had a good thrashing and now that 50 Cent is finished we can discuss the merits of its symbolic storyline as a mirror for contemporary society.


I can feel it coming over me, I feel it all around me. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, this is my destiny. No matter what, no matter how, I know I’ll make it trough somehow.


It’s here! The EB Games exclusive, Microsoft Limited Edition, Resident Evil 5 Themed, Red Xbox 360.

ButtonMasher presents the world’s first consumer unboxing. Basically it’s what Major Nelson did – only better! 😉

Click after the break for the full package details, including confirmation of the Jasper chipset, and a peek at the fans that were used in this making of this console.

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