Nintendo are gearing up for a new round of advertising for the Wii in New Zealand with Wii Sports again being the focus, this time around however they have chosen faces that most New Zealanders will recognise.

As fairly active gamers most of us will probably react scepticaly to the continued advertising of Wii Sport, a title which was released over two years ago, but the fact is that the Wii still doesn’t have the firm hold on the NZ market like it does in every other country, so this may well be the best plan of attack for the big N.

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Survival horror as a genre traditionaly lies soley in a single player experience, I specificaly remember discussing this point with one of the producers of Dead Space this time last year. Capcom seem to be bucking the trend in this regard with the news that they will be releasing a multiplayer versus mode via downloadable content.


The “content” hasn’t been given a release date beyond the press release stating that it will be available post release. The cost will be 400MS Points on the 360 but on the PSN no New Zealand pricing is available yet. (4 pound or 5 Euro would suggest about 9$)

Details past the break about what the Versus Mode will include.

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Halo Wars is the swan song of the now disbanded Ensemble Studios. Responsible for the multi-award winning Age of Empires series, Ensemble were charged with the unenviable task of creating a real-time strategy game without a mouse and keyboard input, while also keeping ardent fans of the Halo universe happy. Ensemble promised much with Halo Wars , claiming that it would be built “from the ground up” for the Xbox 360. The implication is that this game will not be ported to PC, and so the developers forced themselves to have the Xbox 360 controller at the forefront of thoughts as they produced the game.

Halo Wars is set 20 years prior to the events in Halo 1. The Covenant have made a discovery on the planet Harvest, and the UNSC ship “Spirit of Fire” is sent to investigate. Command of the Spirit of Fire troops is in your hands as you learn of the Covenant’s plans to destroy mankind, and seek to stop them.

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Buried in the news of Days Of Arcade (if you remember last years Summer of Arcade promotion, it’s like that,) is the nugget of knowledge that I know at least a few of us have been hanging out for: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, is finally coming to the arcade. A post on developer James Silva’s blog hints to the hassle of passing cert, and the fact that it’s dated on the 27th of February debunks my conspiracy theory that the XBLA overlords sit on games for an eternity to stagger the releases. Back to the Days Of Arcade promotion, there are six Wednesdays from the 18th and seven games, beginning with groan Hasbro’s Family Game Night – so one Wednesday is going to have a surprise release of a second game. I’m trying to manage my expectations here, but I’m basically hoping that I’ll be playing both Dishwasher and Galactrix within the two Wednesdays. (please?)

IGN has posted news from Famitsu that Capcom is producing another on rails shooter for the Wii. While it is a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles, the developers are promising an experience that will feel like a totally new game, more horror, better visual effects and added physics for realism.

It will be interesting to see how this game turns out, but as it is reportedly only 35% complete there is still a fair amount of waiting to do before we’ll know, at least in the mean time Resident Evil 5 (see our review here) will keep people busy for some time to come and releases tomorrow.

After a stunning Rockband rendition of Billy Idol’s White Wedding at Faceaches last night, it seemed a fitting title for the news about Bioshock 2’s newest character that has been revealed by an upcoming GameInformer cover.


Kotaku had already posted a rumour about the fact that Big Sisters would be appearing in the Bioshock sequel, which has obviously panned out to be true. The latest issue shows the Big Sister carrying a Little Sister in a cage on her back which seems to suggest that the bond between the two will be stronger than the Big Daddy’s absent minded care would have offered.

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Export Gold are running a promo on their site and they want you to take some time away from work (call it a micro-pause) and play their Web Game that features drunken back yard sports which is much like their recent TV commercials, only with less hot chicks and more butt crack (which in my opinion is an unacceptable trade).


Export Gold are going to send us a T-Shirt and a hat to give away. If you want it, just beat my score (which won’t be hard) and post a screenshot of it in the forum (here) and the highest score as of this time Thursday will get it. (the hat is pretty cool so if no-one beats my I’ll just keep it).

You can play the game here

The Big Daddy of survival horror is back!; the Resident Evil series is finally seeing a next-generation release. It seems like a very long time since Resident Evil 4 hit the streets, and let’s face it, 2005 was a long time ago. But for a series that debuted over a decade ago on the original Playstation, it’s really not too long between drinks. Will fans of the series be pleased with Resident Evil 5? Let’s have a look.

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A play written and performed by Auckland based actors is showing for 6 days starting the 16th in the Basement Theatre. Normally I wouldn’t give a toss about some random play but this one is an exception for the obvious reason that it is based on the lives of gamers, or more specifically a competitive Halo 3 team.


In typical New Zealand do-it-yourself fashion, Fasitua Amosa and David Van Horn wrote Gestalt when both were looking for acting work. Based around the lives of obsessive gamers.

Gestalt is based around the legendary Xbox game, Halo, which naturally aroused gamers’ curiosity. But for those Fringe Festival fans considering attending, Amosa is quick to point out his play’s broader appeal.

“I wanted to give the actors the feel of playing to an audience so we ran a rehearsal in front of some friends, he says. “Most of them knew absolutely nothing about gaming but they all got it. Sure it’s about geeks, but Gestalt‘s still a universal story

Tickets an more information can be found at and


Every so often a pair of products is simultaneously released onto the market independently, but sharing striking similarities. While House of the Dead: Overkill is a very cool and unashamedly adult “hardcore” rail shooter for the Wii, NERF N-Strike is a very cool and unashamedly child-friendly shooter, also for the Wii.

The first aspect of both games that strikes you, is the inclusion of probably the best two bundled Wii peripherals we have ever seen. House of the Dead comes with beautiful AMS “Hand Cannons”, while NERF N-Strike takes line honours with the NERF Switch Shot EX-3 blaster freshly released by the NERF facility. I make no apologies for dedicating time in this review to discuss this very cool toy.

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