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A lot of people were upset and felt empty over the cliff-hanger ending in Connect 3, but after a long wait, Hasbro and EA have collaborated in bringing us the final iteration in the Connect series, and it’s truly the best of the bunch. I was actually planning on keeping up this shtick of pretending that Connect 4 is some kind of epic title release, under the impression that it’s essentially the board game made for the 360, but I actually managed to get my head out of my ass long enough to notice that it’s actually a little more than that.

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Q-Games have released a trailer for their latest project with the working title of 1-4. The game’s setting is underground and the interactions with the environment is what seems to be setting it apart from the pack other than its expected graphical differences.


There is also a competition to name the game. Head over here, flick through the slides and then try your hand at choosing a title, I reccomend PixelJunk – ButtonMasher Edition. Video is past the break.

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If you haven’t already listened to the latest podcast you should be very concerned, first of all there might have been vital information about the rapture in there that you could have missed out on and when everyone is busy getting whisked away and saved, thanks to our info, you’ll be sitting there on the internet all by yourself, ’cause you know everyone else has already listened to it.

Well don’t worry too much, that info wasn’t in this weeks podcast but it did have a competition to win a game. The prize is the game of your choice on any platform from the EA range of games, all you have to do is listen to the latest podcast (found here) and do as we instruct.

(Offer does not include peripherals for games like RockBand)


The original concept of the Rock Band Song Pack was to make up for the lack of support for downloading new songs in the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of the game. Rock Band Song Pack 1 contained 20 songs which were already available for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners to purchase and download, giving PS2 and Wii gamers a feasible way to expand their game. Later, the AC/DC Live: Rock Band Song Pack was expanded to include Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, and Rock Band Song Pack 2 is similarly available on all formats. Song Pack 2 contains an eclectic mix of songs, as you would expect from a compilation of this nature. The full track listing appears at the end of this review.

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Some fighter fans probably jizzed in their pants when Capcom put up a countdown which alluded to the announcement of an addition to the universe cross over fighter Marvel vs Capcom. Well if they didn’t before due to doubts, they can go ahead and do it now.


The new game called Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes will be releasing on the PlayStation Network Store and Xbox Live Arcade,the first trailer has been posted on the Marvel site which I have included after the break.

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Pandemic and EA have announced a new open world game that will be set in Nazi occupied Europe called Saboteur.


The last effort we saw from Pandemic was Mercenaries 2 and while it lacked a little polish the experience its self was enjoyable so with the knowledge that they have the ability to create an engaging experience the announcement that they are working on something new that contains more depth in its story and an inspirationally oppressive location (1940’s Paris) gives hope. What has me even more excited is that there is mention of vertical exploration and that the roof tops will be accessible.

Past the break are a few screen shots, some artwork and the 360 cover art.

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A Chilean website has posted the first images of Uncharted’s multiplayer gameplay and some look very interesting while one other makes me go Hmmmmm. Chun-Li has some funky thumb issues and now Drake has his own peculiar body issues.

The images come along with an explanation of some of the game modes that we can expect to see when Drake returns later this year. I am not sure of the validity of all of the information as I first of all don’t speak a very strong Spanish and secondly, well the secondly pretty much refers back to point A. Provided the info is good and you can wade your way through a google translation.

Some images after the break as well as a new Multiplayer trailer.

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Usually it’s just the single game that gets announced with the various platforms falling under that announcement, Codemasters has mixed it up a little by announcing two versions of a F1 title that will follow each other in chronological sequence but with the first release on the Wii and the second on the PS3, 360 and PC.


The games are simply called F1 2009 and F1 2010. This is the first time since the PS3 exclusive launch title that the F1 brand name has been used so it will be interesting to see if Codemasters can create something that can gain a little more traction than the last attempt.

There comes a time in every ones life where they must face up to long held secret hopes and find out if they are true or if they are in fact false.


It turns out that I am not likely to ever be a famous singer, that’s ok though because thanks to the glut of musical games on the market at the moment I can live my dreams out at home and upload my videos either to Youtube or in the case of SingStar directly to the Singstar community site.

What follows after the break is Wugga and Myself talking/singing about the new SingStar wireless microphones and the new SingStar Pop title.

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