Its time to get down, and possibly dirty, with some Motorstorm action.

The tournament will be held on Sunday night at 8pm, if you’d like to participate jump over to the forum (here) and add your name to the list of people wanting to take part. Once you’ve done this just send a friend request to Brianemone on the PSN and we’ll race some trucks/cars/bikes together.

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For the three months ended March 31, 2009, Microsoft have announced that company wide revenues have dropped 6 percent to $13.65 billion. The Entertainment and Devices Division (Xbox side of things) contributed to the loss, with the division posting a $31 million loss in the same period. Things are not as bad as they sound though, total revenue for the gaming segment was only down 2% to $1.57 billion and Microsoft sold over 1.7 million Xbox 360s in the period. This is almost a 30 percent increase over what they sold in the same quarter last year and just goes to show that even in the current climate, gamers are still willing to hand over their hard earned money for some good entertainment.

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SOCOM has been a well loved franchise for quite a while now and a series that really helped boost online play back in the previous generation of consoles. For those of you who are great proponents of the “run and gun” style of play, SOCOM was never intended to appeal to you. Instead SOCOM requires the unique ability to communicate with your team mates, strategise, and manoeuvre around an area in a way that allows you to take dominate your opponents, similar to real warfare (I would imagine). With a decision to remove the single player game mode, SOCOM Confrontation needed to bring it’s A game if it was to be well received and successful. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

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This is the sort of game I’ve seldom had much time for. The computerised version of the commercialised version of a quite adequate drinking game? Didn’t seem like my cup of tea at all. But while UNO Rush is very similar to UNO in terms of game mechanics, it’s rather different in terms of gameplay.


The rules of UNO are quite simple: Each player plays a card that matches either the number or the colour of the card that the last player discarded. Multiple cards can be disposed of at once if they can be played consecutively. There are also "command cards" that have effects like changing the direction of play, skipping the next player’s turn, etc. The first player to discard their entire hand is the winner.

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As goes the world of pre announcements the chicken has made its way out of the egg before it’s appointed time. Kotaku has posted an image of a pre-order box for inFamous that gives away what Sony was planning on announcing on Monday. The pre-order offer is for access to a demo of inFamous prior to release and then a place in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta.

How would a multiplayer aspect of Uncharted work? Would it be any fun if they tried to imitate other third person shooters that have worked well? I’m of the opinion that they should focus more on what made Uncharted great, expand the climbing and exploration to make an experience that isn’t available anywhere else. Here’s hoping Naughty Dog can pull it off.

Today EA Sports have announced their cover athletes for this years instalment of Madden Football and also given a release date. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu will both feature on the cover and the game has been given a street date of August the 14th.

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Fitzgerald and Polamalu are risking everything by taking this years cover, if you are wondering why, you might want to read this little article about the Madden cover jinx. Check out the PS3 cover after the break.

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The first phase of the EA Sports Complex has been released on Playstation Home today , giving sports fans another avenue to watch trailers and interact with their other online avatars. Currently two mini games are available, a four player racing game (which I haven’t managed to get into yet?) and apparently there are some poker tables somewhere. After taking a look around, it also looks like there will be a mini golf game released soon too. If you haven’t already, jump online to check it out.

ea sports cmplex

Announcing an announcemnt huh, here we go again.


The announcement advisement comes via the Playstation website and has something to do with both inFamous and Uncharted 2. Some kind of pre-order special that gets early access to a demo or multiplayer beta would be the obvious conclusion but Sony may surprise us and have something completely mind blowing and unguessable to WOW us with. Not that a Demo or a Beta of Uncharted would be a bad thing.

First it lost its publisher but then it got a new one, now EA has announced that the Tim Schafer project will hit NZ stores on October the 16th.

The game will tell the tale of Eddie Riggs (Jack Black) and will be a third person adventure game where players combat through the story of Eddie arriving in an alternate reality where he must free the human race from enslavement using Hot Rods, Leather, Chrome and Heavy Metal.