MMO’s come in all shapes and sizes, Elven Fantasy MMO’s, Medievil MMO’s and even dirty dirty penis infested things like Second Life. Codemasters have announced a space combat title called Jumpgate Evolution which will be released in July and have sent through a bunch of information about it.

One of the 1000's of high resolution textures available from Mayang's Free Textures - see  This texture may not be sold without permission from the authors.

There is a Beta sign up on the official website (here) and I’ve included a few of the screenshots after the break along with some of the info about the ship classes.

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Sony psppiracy

A recent article on has Sony Computer Entertainment America’s senior VP of marketing Peter Dille, commenting on the state of PSP piracy:

I’m convinced and we’re convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP. It’s been a problem that the industry has to address together; it’s one that I think the industry takes very seriously, but we need to do something to address this because it’s criminal what’s going on, quite frankly

Now it’s been a while since I have owned a PSP, so I am not too up to date on the whole piracy / homebrew side of things. I also don’t condone videogame piracy (to be honest you don’t even need to consider it when you get so many games free to review!). So how bad has PSP piracy gotten? Well, I was packing my grocery bags at Pak ‘n Save on Sunday and glanced up at their big yellow notice boards. A messily written card caught my attention. It went something like this:

PSP Hacking: Full install of homebrew 2.** blah blah. Only $30. Ph: blah blah

I couldn’t believe that some pimple faced kid has the balls to post this on a notice board, and Pak ‘n Save actually approved it! If I have time today I will be heading down to Pak ‘n Save to try and get a photo of this and speak to one of the managers. If I can work out how to record phone conversations I will ring the kid too!

This weeks podcast is light on news but Gino gets the chance he has been gagging for, an indepth explanation of his secret dirty little passion.


We have a new competition which is both easy, fun, and rewarding. Then at the end of the podcast there is a special treat, the closing song is cut short to make space for something a little different.


lode runner banner

It’s been in the pipeline for a wee while now, but this week the classic will finally make an appearance. At 1200 Microsoft points it’s not cheap, but anyone wanting to relive the 1983 classic will be sure to pick this one up. The XBLA version will feature a full level editor as well as coop and competitive multiplayer modes. Users can even host matches over Xbox LIVE using their own created levels.

Check out the video after the break.

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The advance of technology has changed the way we interface with many things, it has even given us new things to play around with, video games being the obvious focus here. Initially game saves were a thing of pure desire, they didn’t exist, on consoles when they first started showing up it wasn’t a case of saving your progress but rather receiving a code to restart at a certain point in a game.


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Sony would like to share with you some tactical love, not to be confused with tactile love which would probably get them involved in a lot of lawsuits. We have three copies to give away and the way you can win them is outlined in the latest podcast (found here).


In the podcast we mention how to win a copy, just follow our directions and post your entry (here) in the forum.

Our story about crippling Xbox Live download speeds struck a chord with many Xbox 360 gamers, but also revealed somewhat surprisingly that some lucky souls are managing to get very good speeds when downloading from the Xbox Live Marketplace. You will recall that we raised concerns about horrendously slow downloads from the Xbox Live network – 16 hours to download a 328Mb map pack, for example.

The concern is that apart from the fact that these speeds are entirely unacceptable, users are not complaining of speed issues for the rest of their broadband usage. That is – their speed issues are isolated to Xbox Live, and completely out of proportion to their other broadband speeds. Furthermore, it seemed that this was affecting users across different ISPs and at all times of the day, rather than only during “peak” periods.

Xbox New Zealand have responded to our concerns, saying that:

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Here are the details for the Wingman tournament this Sunday.

There will be four elimination rounds followed by a final round. The elimination rounds will start at 8pm with Group A kicking off first. To get into the games one of the team just needs to add the gamertag BrianemoneNZ to their friends list and invites will be sent out at start time.

Settings and more info are after the break.

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The time to shuffle the executive order in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head quarters has arrived, David Reeves will be retiring from his role as CEO of all that are Sony and PAL.


His history with Sony lasted an impressive 14 years with the bulk of the Playstation’s brand history falling within this periods. It will be a huge change for SCEE which will now be spearheaded by Andrew House who was previously the Chief Marketing Marketing Officer of Sony US.

I had the chance to meet David Reeves last year at E3 and have a chat to him about the PAL region, he was refreshingly honest and I would hope that his replacement will be equally open when we get the chance to meet. I’ve included David’s words of farewell after the break.

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