It’s far too late to think of something funny or interesting to write.


We have three copies of S.O.C.O.M Confrontation to give away so have a listen to find out how to win.


Oamaru Movie World 3 is a cinema constructed in 2003, offering a modern movie-going experience to the local community. Next week, however, movies take a seat in the back row to allow video games to take centre stage.

One of theĀ children of the family that runs this local business recently celebrated a birthday by inviting his mates around to play games on big screens that he could proudly boast were “bigger than yours”. They had such a great time that an idea evolved to have a couple of cinemas available to the public for gaming. So next Tuesday to Friday, two cinemas will be allocated to this very purpose.

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Coming from New Zealand, it is always difficult to tell if slow internet speeds are due to something at the server end, or whether it is just due to living in a country with frustratingly bad network speeds. So when I first got an Xbox 360 and noted crawling download speeds, I blamed it on my 256/128kbps connection, and my ISP Xnet. However I subsequently upgraded to Full Speed/128kbps, and noticed little change in speed – in fact more recently I wonder if speeds have further degraded.

Last year, downloading NXE took over an hour, and that was only a 78Mb download. A-ha’s “Take me on” DLC for Lips (70Mb) took over 90 minutes in January. And a 133Mb XBLA game took almost 3 hours!

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Daily deal website today offered 40Gb PS3 consoles for the incredible price of $449.99, the third cheapest price ever recorded in New Zealand (behind Sony’s redemption only offers of $99 and $199). The website hasn’t given us a lot of gaming love over the years, but perhaps this is a sign of more to come? Perhaps? Maybe? Please?

It is uncertain how many PS3s were available for sale, but they didn’t last very long. Those that receive the daily deal alert email at 11:56am (mine arrived at 11:58am) may have been shocked to see an overpriced George Foreman Grill being offered for sale, only to blink twice and realise that it was indeed a 40Gb PS3. Minutes later all the available stock was sold out, leading to the obvious question of – how many were available for sale anyway?

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Thanks to the spam resembling update feature that is Facebook comes the news via the PlayStation blog that the release date for inFamous has been moved forward to the end of May.


We haven’t heard anything official from Sony NZ but I think it would be safe to say that it will mean that we will be seeing it on our shores earlier than previously planned due to this news even if it is after the US release.

EA’s recent venture into new IP territory with the flawed but awesome Dead Space gave me high hopes for The Godfather II. Would they build on the solidity of the first game? Would the open world be diverse and interesting? Would an old school Mafioso themed storyline with a box-office pedigree be given the justice it deserves? The short answer to these questions is unfortunately, no.

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Axel Rose comes off to me like a whiney little school girl most of the time but Guns n’ Roses has a rather enthusiastic and probably large fan base so who am I to judge.

EA and MTV have announced that GNR’s new album Chinese Democracy will be released on RockBand in a matter of days. As of the 14th the whole album will be available as a pack on the Xbox360 or individual tracks will also be able to purchased, the same content will arrive on the PS3 on the 16th.

Last week the state and perhaps Europe found out when they would be getting their greasy mittens on the Wii Motion Plus bundle with EA’s Grand Slam Tennis.


The release date for the EA bundle has been set at June 19th, Nintendo haven’t confirmed yet when their Bundle will be available but one would hazard a guess that it might be quite close to this. No pricing is available yet but it won’t be too far away and I’ll also update everyone when Nintendo give details on the release of Wii Sports: Resort.

Some of you, perhaps most of you, will know of ThreeSpeech the semi-official Playstation Blog run out of the UK with the help of Sony. Most of you will also be aware of the official Playstation Blog run by Sony that for some reason expounds all things NTSC rather than having one central hub to communicate to the world and treating all customers with equality rather than giving preference based on country.


Sony has decided to close ThreeSpeech and replace it with a EU Playstation Blog, many seem to be embracing the fact that they can be informed of delays on an “official” blog while I remain confused at why they don’t just refocus the existing blog to cater to an international audience.