Before it was even released, I’d heard word that this so called “Ultimate” collection of Mega Drive games was missing the memorable game of that platform, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, achieved by slotting the Sonic 3 cartridge into the Sonic & Knuckles cart and enjoying the benefits of both games. The weirdest part of this atrocity is that this was available on the Sonic Mega Collection available across the board in the last generation. So it’s off to a bad start before I’ve even put the disc in.

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We are about to head off and jump on a plane but I thought that it would be a good idea to let everyone know what to expect over the next few days. All you have to do is rock up and enjoy it and bring all your friends.


The big press conferences are at the following times/dates (in New Zealand). There will be a live blog of each of these (providing the tubes work) and the show action will follow after these.

Microsoft – Tuesday 5:30am
EA – Tuesday 9:00am
Nintendo – Wednesday 4:00am
Sony – Wendesday 6:00am

We’ll have a bunch of videos going up over the next week with a recap each day of what we’ve seen. The guys from The Edge afternoon show will be doing an update in their Free 60 @ 3 segment where they have Xbox competitions and an hour of ad free radio thanks to Microsoft. So check out that if you can’t be online at the time, the frequencies for your location are listed on their site. 


It is nearly E3 time again, which usually results in a number of leaks. This  year there has been surprisingly few. Unfortunately for Sony, their own Qore leaked early video of the PSP Go. The PSP Go was more than rumoured though as there was substantial evidence of its existence. After the break you will find video running through what Sony hopes will be the new hotness along with some photos. In Brief, it has no UMD, 16GB Flash Memory, Screen Slider, Bluetooth. This new PSP model is not seen as replacement of the current PSP model, but more of a redesign. Think DS to DS Lite, not GameBoy to DS

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I was just checking out some more of the videos that went up overnight and one caught my eye as I hadn’t heard of it before, Mini Ninjas is a game being developed by IO Interactive and being published by Eidos.


The game is slated for a September release on almost every platform available. The gameplay is mainly action but also has strategy and stealth elements with multiple characters to play as. Check out the official site to get a feel for the awesome art style that they are using to bring the new world to life, as well as the videos and character bios that are on there.

The gauntlet was thrown down last week to Wugga, the gauntlet of getting Active.

The challenge originally was for him to do an entire 30 day program in EA’s new  fitness game in the space of a week. The challenge was never really accepted but we didn’t have any idea of how vigorous of an exercise regime the normal program would work out to be let alone 30 days worth compacted into 7.

In the video (here) Wugga investigates the ins and outs, the sights and sounds and even the smells of EA Sports Active.
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Gametrailers has just posted up a whole bunch of new videos from their pre E3 2009 show that aired earlier today in the States.

The videos include a trailer for Bethesda’s new  game called Brink, Just Cause 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Split Second, Supreme Commander 2, Mass Effect 2 and Alpha Protocol.

I’m not going to post them all here but they are all on GT’s site.

The Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content isn’t nearly as outstanding as that seen in Rock Band but I do commend Activision for releasing occasional free track packs or songs, and the one that should be showing up on the marketplace (and Guitar Hero music store) in the next few hours should be downloaded immediately by any 80s kid or fan of the original Transformers animated film.

That’s right! The Touch by Stan Bush will be appearing very shortly for the extremely tempting price of 0ms points confusing price of 160ms points. Not sure what’s going on there since it was announced as a free download. Maybe it was only free for the US? We’ll see if we can get a straight answer out of Activision.


It seems that Activision/Microsoft have fixed their little blunder and it is now showing up as free. Get downloading!

Disney have put out a press release today to announce that Captain Jack Sparrow is on his way back into a new game. The title of Pirates of the Caribbean: Amada of the Damned has been given to the production that is underway at Propaganda Games, unlike previous iterations this title will not be based on a movie but rather will see players experiencing the events prior to what we saw transpire in the first movie.


Also slightly different is the fact that Armada of the Damned is to be an action based RPG. You will play as a Pirate, who is un named in the press release, which leads me to think that it won’t be Jack we will be playing as but rather another cast member with a history rich enough to dedicate an entire game to.

The release date is targeted for 2010.


Today Activision have sent out an email announcing the line-up that they intend to show off at E3 next week. At the top of the list is a title that any publisher would be screaming out in joy about, Modern Warfare 2, it will be playable at the event so you can expect some impressions to go up pretty soon. Also on the list are two peripheral based games that we know little about, DJ Hero and Tony Hawk’s Ride, there is a lot of speculation about both of these games and I know that the budding disc jockey in Wugga is just dying to get his greasy mitts on it.


Other games on the list include Bizzare Creation’s new racer Blur, the new Wolfenstein, Singularity, Prototype and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.