At $150, the Wii controller is already the most expensive this generation (and historically). The asking price consists of a Wiimote (retail $100) and a nunchuck ($50), which have been sold separately since launch. Now comes the MotionPlus “accessory”, which looks to become the new standard for Wii gaming.

MotionPlus in New Zealand has appeared on a New Zealand gaming website at the price of $39.99, making it an incredible $190 for a complete controller. That’s more than halfway to the cost of the entry-level Xbox 360 Arcade (complete with wireless controller), but as we know Nintendo lives in their own space when it comes to pricing models.

As has been pointed out by fellow ButtonMasher, accidental, MotionPlus is set to be bundled with certain games, so paying $40 per controller will not be the only way to upgrade existing controllers. However with more information coming out about these bundles, it is clear that the situation is still far from ideal. Here are the speculated ways to obtain MotionPlus without “paying” for it:

WiiSports Resort

Perhaps the best option of a bad bunch, this 1st party title has the potential to have the appeal of WiiSports. If the game is worth the asking price of the bundle, then effectively you would get the MotionPlus accessory “free”. It does remain to be seen how much lasting appeal the game will hold (when was the last time you played WiiSports?), and looking at the current pricing for 1st party titles in New Zealand, expect to pay $120 at a minimum.

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis MotionPlus Bundle

EA Sports have representation in almost every sport you’d think of playing electronically, but Tennis has been an obvious omission from the roster. EA have a variable track record when it comes to quality of their titles, so it is definintely a gamble to buy a first generation title using a brand new input mechanism. The bundle is priced at a reasonable $100 – but if the game isn’t worth much, then the bundled MotionPlus won’t be so “free” after all.

EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 MotionPlus Bundle

Also available for $100, if you have any interest in golf then this looks to be a more likely proposition. Several iterations into the Wii franchise, Tiger Woods “oh ten” should theoretically be more refined than ever before. However once again there is the unknown factor of a first title to support a new control interface, so you could end up ironing out the bugs. And as we are all aware by now, the WIi does not support online game updates. Interestingly the game only is listed for only $70, so effectively you do end up paying for your MotionPlus attachment.

We have already discussed the usual situation of Red Steel 2 requiring MotionPlus with no indication that one will be bundled with the game. A similarly awkward situation exists for Sega’s upcoming Virtua Tennis 2009 on Wii. Sega have annouced the following “Champions Edition” bundle exclusive to Australia and New Zealand:

While the game supports MotionPlus, there is no bundle with the attachment available. I was also unable to find any information about whether the attachment will fit on the ends of these replica racquets (I can’t believe they are still producing these ridiculous space-wasting and pointless accessories). Even if you can attach MotionPlus to the end of the racquet, if you don’t want to wait for WiiSports Resort and dislike golf, you might end up buying EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis to play Virtua Tennis 2009 with MotionPlus.

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