Harry Potter sells like hot cakes, slap his name on a book, movie, game and you’ll have tweens and retrotarded middle aged women lining up in a fluster to buy. The new movie and game are based on the sixth book which surged to internet infamy with spoilers ruining many childhoods. So not only does Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince tread the line of being based on an existing work of fiction, it also has to run the gambit of conforming to the movie, how does it fare?

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BloodBowl has been in development for a while now  by Cyanide Studios and while the Xbox, PSP and DS versions are still getting more layers of paint applied to the in game figurines, the PC version has been completed, is dry and ready to play with. The price is set at $49US and is available to download from here.

Unfortunately for me the hardware requirements mean that I’ll be waiting for the Xbox version for my fix.


Boom Blox Bash Party is a Wii exclusive sequel to the 2008 title Boom Blox. Developed in conjunction with Steven Spielberg, Boom Blox was one of the surprise game successes on the Wii last year. Boom Blox contained over 400 levels of varied gameplay, requiring players to move, shoot, bomb, and smash “blox” on the screen. It was an unexpectedly fun experience, and Boom Blox Bash Party promises to be all that and much more.

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I’m not sure everyone took away from our E3 coverage just how excited we are for Shatter. If you didn’t check out the interview with Mario from Sidhe, here it is. But for those that already saw that and just want some new info on the game here are some screenshots of the game that Sidhe put up on their Facebook page.

Hopefully the approval process doesn’t take too long and this thing can be in our consoles soon. Images after the break.

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Straight from the, didn’t see that one coming, files comes news that id Software (the creators of Doom, Quake) have been taken over by ZeniMax who is the parent company of other well known development studio Bethesda. The acquisition means that id’s next Doom title will be published by ZeniMax, it is likely that their current project "Rage" will remain under the deal struck with EA and it’s partner program as we have seen happen with other studios that have been purchased mid development, although the trademark for rage is now owned by ZeniMax .

I guess if you are going to be brought out by any publisher, one like ZeniMax is the way to go, they seem to have been doing very well with their Bethesda releases, so if that standard crosses over into everything the publisher puts out gamers are going to be the winners at the end of the day…….. or perhaps John Carmack’s wallet.

Blazing Birds! Magic! Rocket Riot! The Sims! All these games and more get glossed over because Brian’s feeling a little off. Also, there’s a terrible ‘interview’ with a Left 4 Dead 2 developer, but the PS3 prize package is growing! Someone needs to do something worthy of winning it, otherwise EVERYONE’S declared to be losers.

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