It’s Gravity Crash,

That neon electric world,

Retro through and through.

Trippy enough to inspire poetry? Sure. Gravity Crash, an upcoming title for PSN from the developer Just Add Water, is a fresh take on an old concept. You pilot a simple starcraft, piloted via momentum-driving boosters on the rear of the ship. It felt very similar to the old “moon lander” titles; properly handling inertia is the key to successful navigation.

Each level has a simple objective: collect objects scattered throughout the stage, rescue survivors, destroy this or that with your guns. But this game is about style, and it’s there in spades. The game is rife with sharp, neon-laced graphics: meteor storms spear down in brilliant droves, volcanoes explode into fiery cataclysms, bizarre creatures roam the airways in search of tasty starship metal. It’s transfixing, and only many minutes later do you realize, dammit, wait, I totally forgot about my noodles in the microwave because I appear to have been in a neon-induced coma for some indetermine length of time.

The game also features a VERY extensive level creation tool, shown off by one of the developers. It’s no little bonus: every one of the thirty-seven levels in the game was made right inside the very tool provided to the players themselves. There are tons of options buried within the menus, and with online level sharing, we expect to see some very impressive (and sadistically difficult) stuff within the first few weeks of release.

A slick shield mechanic added a bit of flavor to the tried-and-true gameplay, and the game showed no lack of creativity. If you’re craving some easy-to-pick-up and tough-to-put-down gameplay, polished and solid, then Gravity Crash is the game for you. Well, you have to own a PS3, too. And have eyeballs, I guess. And not currently be on inside of a fancy restaurant. You know, it might not be you, I don’t know.

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