At E3 we took the chance to meet with Mario from Sidhe and talk about their newest game called Shatter. We couldn’t pass up the chance to play it as well, interview and impressions after the break.

There are times when you get extremely excited about a game when it is announced, Shatter’s announcement a few weeks ago was an example of this, the best part of all is that after playing it at E3 we are still mega excited about getting it on our own consoles. The game play is simple in parts and challenging in others, for a break out game it also has some very smart features and is far more interactive than you traditionally see in this type of game.

You can push and pull the balls using the triggers, this give you the ability to guide the ball and means that those pesky final bricks don’t take an eternity to smash. Another element is the shard blast which lets you fire at will once you have enough power charged up by collecting the shards, another place where the vacuum pull comes in handy. Other cool things include the actual block types, some are physics based, others have special properties.

Oh and the boss battle against a huge bloctopus? Awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

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