During the later end of E3 I sent Wugga off to do some investigative reporting on Left 4 Dead 2. He managed to track down Chet from Valve and talk to him about the game that was only announced two days prior.

The full audio is in the last podcast but here is the bulk of it in written form.

Wugga: The first we heard of L4D 2 was at the Microsoft press conference, and I guess the reason we weren’t expecting it is because it was so soon, is it too soon?

Chet: We kept a good secret! Which is exciting, cause we’ve been working on this for a while, as you can see we are showing this much already. At Valve we are alowed to work on what we want to work on, and the Left4Dead team wanted to work on more Left 4 Dead. We started talking about it and to be true to the core of the game about mixing story telling and multiplayer gameplay, if we just made one map it wouldn’t extend the story in any way. It wouldn’t develop the characters or the world in any interesting way. We wanted to do new characters, so we can get a new perspective on what is going on, we wanted to do new locations; Savanah, New Orleans, the swamps.

We wanted to inprove the director, and one of the ways to improve it is to give it more creatures to throw out in the mix. We have new specials like the charger, and we’ve got a couple more on the way. You’ve got to help the survivors out so you get melee weapons like chainsaws, incindiary ammo. You go to a white board of all this and we figured out it would be five campaigns all of these are going to have a survival mode, a versus mode, co-op mode and another gameplay mode that we’re not talking about at the moment. It turns into this huge game, it’s actually much bigger than the first game, so what do you do? Call it “Left4Dead New Orleans”? If you call it that does anyone blink an eye? Are they excited? You call it Left4Dead2 and people get this weird thing going. Also, all the maps that people are working on for L4D will work automatically in L4D2.

Wugga: Do you expect the support for Left4Dead to peter out?

Chet: We’ve already done the survival pack, on the PC side of things we’ve got a patch coming out for the match making over the next couple of weeks so you can play the community maps. Then we are also going to do 4v4 matchmaking, and we’ll be bringing that out on both platforms.

Wugga: I’ll give you 30 seconds to push your message, what do you want people to know?

Chet: If you liked L4D, you’re going to love L4D2, because it is made by people that love L4D themselves. So all the ideas and things that you probably think about while you’re playing the game, you’re going to get to see it in L4D2 so it’s going to be really exciting when people actually get to play it.

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