We knew it was coming simply because it was too awesome not to be. The news comes via the Microsoft press conference in L.A. which we are attending right now.


The game is being developed by Ruffian games which is located close to Real Time Worlds in Dundee. This is going straight to the top of the ButtonMasher wish list.

In the race to get into the store shelves Turn10 seems to have lapped Polyphony by announcing the next instalment of Microsoft’s sim racer. Forza 2 still has a loyal following with the ButtonMasher community still holding regular gaming nights, so there will be a lot of people excited by this news, even if it was expected.

The new game will include even more community features like video sharing along with a video editor. Promising it will be the “difinitive racer of this generation” with richer physics, more realistic damage modelling and compelling visuals means that there is a lot of promises being made about this instalment.

Microsoft have already booked in some appointments in the upcoming days to get some hands on time with the titles announced that the press conference so it is safe to assume that there will be more info and impressions going up on ButtonMasher shortly.

We’ve just arrived in Los Angeles after a 4 hour delay in Auckland and have made our way down to the Convention Centre to get our media passes and post up some stuff.


The actual event is spread over the entire convention centre unlike last year and looks to be a lot bigger in size and hype with posters all over the place, huge posters. Past the break are a few images of the convention centre.

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