There’s a recession! But it looks like someone forgot to tell the Video Game industry. Wugga and Jason had a chat to the President of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences at E3 to see how things are going with the industry as well the future direction and trends of our second favourite pass time. Also if you are wondering about the banner above, it is one of the entries into the Into The Pixel exhibition that the AIAS showed at E3, this particular piece is by James Ellis at Sidhe for Shatter. (link to see more)

Video past the break.

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In what is some of the most impressive CGI I have ever seen, Ubisoft showed everyone the setting and atmosphere that they are hoping to capture with the follow up to Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft were obviously anxious to show off what they are obviously confident will be a huge seller for them later in the year. The problem lies not with whether Assassin’s Creed 2 will sell like medieval hot cakes, but rather whether the issues that stopped Assassin’s Creed’s gameplay being an undeniable force and potential industry changer. Could they do it with the second title?

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I’ve been amassing a small stockpile of PS3 titles that I think has reached critical mass and now need to be given away. There are a few Singstar titles along with the new Wireless microphones and some other games like LittleBigPlanet, KillZone 2, inFamous, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Warhawk, and Buzz Quiz TV.

The details on how to enter the competition are in the last two podcasts, here and here.


The month of June has been lining up as a sandbox fans dream for the last six months, inFamous didn’t disappoint, but I was less sure about Prototype as it seems to be taking bigger risks and without being able to play it or see it in action (as I had with inFamous) I was happy to not start counting my chickens before hatching could begin. It appears not all of my fears were unfounded but many of them were, but is there enough good to out weigh the less than good?

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After a seven year gap, THQ and developers Volition, Inc have dusted off the Red Faction franchise. I’d only played the first instalment of this series, on PS2. It left me a little disappointed. It was, in many ways, a one-trick pony. The Geo-Mod engine allowed for terrain deformation – largely in the form of blast craters, but there was little else to recommend the title – to me, at least. It received positive reviews at the time, however.

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A motion control revolution landed in the mailbag today – the long awaited MotionPlus which could bring Wii gamers the precision control that they might have thought they were buying into back in December 2006. So how does the finished product fare?

MotionPlus was accompanied by EA’s new IP Grand Slam Tennis, and being first generation software for essentially first generation hardware I was a little apprehensive (remember Tiger Woods ‘07 for Wii?). The burning question would be whether we would have to wait until “Grand Slam Tennis ‘11” before we had a playable game in the new franchise.

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