You are N’rotan, son of Henman, charged with recovering the Golden Racket of Yendor! Your journey will take you across many courts, and you must slam and slice your way to the top of every grandslam tournament in Tennisonia. Also, when you serve, you’re going to hit a pokeball, because they’re marketable. Also, does anyone know the name of a game which has tentacles, and a pin you have to find on a map?

We ask the developers of Tony Hawk: Ride if Project Natal invalidates their peripheral and interview the lead designer of The Conduit.

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I hold Aliens Vs. Predator as one of the best first person shooter experiences of my early-mid gaming life. I also give Delta Force that distinction too, so grab a salt shaker, and take your grains. What Rebellion managed to create back in that heyday of PC games was practically three shooters in one, if you took into consideration how varied the experiences were, between the Predator, the Xenomorph, and the Colonial Marines. Now, Rebellion is back to create this reboot, and I’m excited about it. On the show floor, the Predator demo was available, but I was lucky enough to be snuck into a session showing the Colonial Marine (lucky, because I didn’t have my own personal cloaking device handy.)

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Those of you that downloaded Space Invaders Extreme on Xbox LIVE Arcade and were disappointed by the lack of an “original” arcade version of the game may be pleased to learn that there are plans on releasing DLC for the game which includes such an option. In an interview with Siliconera, a senior artist for the game had been coy about an unlockable original Space Invaders game coming with Extreme, saying: Continue reading


In a battle of egos and e-cred, website Team Xbox has thrown down the gauntlet in an attempt to one up gaming website 1UP. A few days ago, 1UP reported that Project Natal would form the basis for the Xbox 360 replacement as early as next year. However Team Xbox, with a claim to fame for being the first to report Microsoft’s signing of IBM to create the CPU for the Xbox 360, believes they have obtained the first details of the true Xbox 360 replacement. In a double negative kind of a way, they are dispelling the 1UP rumour based on what they believe to be a more solid rumour. Continue reading


Halo Wars released in late February and was its reception was generally favourable. In my game review, I praised the game for an incredible presentation, and though in many ways it felt like a simplified RTS, it remained reasonably engaging and enjoyable. Three months on, and the game has sold over a million copies; it’s proliferation no doubt spurred by Microsoft bundling the game free with consoles in this part of the world. Now with millions of potential players worldwide, the Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack offers these gamers the chance to compete in three new game modes which the advertising blurb promises “will required players to re-think their entire strategy and approach to the game”.

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Cyanide Studios have announced that two games based on George R R Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series are to be developed.

One is the expected RPG, which will exploit Martin’s richly realised world and detailed characters.  The other is an RTS, which is the one I was secretly hoping for all along.

Check out GRRM’s blog post on the subject.

There are defining moments when a game goes from being merely a game and becomes a way of life. The addition of Vanilla Ice’s iconic rap anthem Ice Ice Baby to the Lips lineup is one of these moments.

For those unaware of this intoxicating melody the song explores the complexities of water in its solid state and the subsequent relationship it experiences with luminescence, harpoons and nine millemeter weapons causing some form of selective hearing. The song will be available on the 26th of June.

I can’t seem to find a picture of Vanilla Ice suitable to post up with this news and I feel a little weird about emailing Microsoft PR to see if they have any. My apologies for the barrenness.

Just a reminder to rearrange your plans for tonight if you haven’t already. For “up to 24 hours” from 7pm (New Zealand time), Xbox LIVE will be down for maintenance. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we are back before tomorrow night, but no guarantees there.

In the meantime you could listen to a ButtonMasher podcast, take out your anger in our forums, or game on your PS3 or Wii instead.

If you’re going to set yourself up for failure, then starting off with Uncharted is the perfect way of going about it. One of the most amazing looking games with genuinely engaging gameplay, there were obviously a few things that could be done to it better, but they were tiny when you look at the big picture. So what are we to expect form a sequel? A half hearted cash in, or something truly spectacular?

I took some time from the hustle and bustle of E3 to stop and talk to Richard Lemarchand one of the guys developing Uncharted 2 and enjoy a little walk through of what to expect when it drops later in the year. I had other places to be but Uncharted was on my list of must see games.

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Blabbermouth have reported that the content recorded for Brutal Legend by Black Sabbath / Heaven and Hell front man Ronnie James Dio has been removed from the game.

The game also features Ozzy Osbourne, former Black Sabbath vocalist and longtime rival of Dio.  Osbourne is currently suing Black Sabbath / Heaven and Hell guitarist Tony Iommi, and internet scuttlebutt would indicate that many metal fans blame that conflict for the cut.

Whatever the reason though (and it may be nothing malicious), it’s a sad day when content is removed from a game due to unrelated personal grievances.

Dio is being replaced by Tim Curry, who’s certainly the kind of actor who’d suit this sort of game…  But he’s not metal.