I am guessing that most people in our neck of the woods have only heard of UFC (the sport, not the game) in passing. It has become pretty big in the US, but here…even if you are a SKY subscriber it is still in the “pay per view” category. It has been around for quite a while though. I remember when I was at school, me and my best mate would go over to his older brother’s flat to watch his UFC videos (yes…not DVD’s).


UFC is short for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the most popular of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) federations.Fights take place in the octagon (like a boxing ring…but more octagonal).There aren’t too many rules involved.Most of the prevented strikes or strike areas are there to prevent death or very serious harm (such as strikes to the throat).The sport’s appeal comes from combining the spectacle of professional wrestling with a large number of highly technical fighters who are top-tier in their chosen fighting disciplines.Sounds like it would make a pretty good fighting game right? Well, up until now they have been pretty rubbish.But UFC 2009 Undisputed has come to save the day.

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In what seems to becoming an ongoing theme in the world of online services, Sony has opted to not launch the VidZone service in New Zealand despite it going live in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France and Australia on Friday. New Zealand was originally to be included in the launch along with these other countries but it seems we have fallen through the gaps at some point.

There are currently restrictions as to which territories VidZone can be made available in, such as the music rights and the infrastructure of our partners.

Sony NZ have advised that the roll out of the service to New Zealand is still being considered but they have nothing to announce in this regard at the moment as there are other parties involved that control the outcome.

You’ve got to wonder what it is about licensing rights in NZ that makes it so difficult for companies like Microsoft and Sony to negotiate deals that allow for content like this to be available here.


The MP3 player market is one that was grabbed by the balls and held with an iron grip by a single company, not because they forced their product on the world but because consumers lapped it up like some pleasure inducing drug. Some people however experience feelings of revulsion at being forced to adopt a specific program or format to use their hardware, these people are the ones that look for alternatives, Cowon is out to cater for these people by offering a sleek, sexy and very functional touch screen enabled media player.

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With the hype surrounding GTAIV it looked like Rockstar would be releasing the game to end all games, but upon release it seemed that many were upset with a bunch of decisions Rockstar made with the presentation of the title, and of course the decision to make it damn near mandatory to partake in ridiculous “social” activities with your cousin and in-game friends to ensure you don’t lose their respect, thus losing extra items or helpful companions. All in all, it left a rather sour taste in the mouth of many and it seems very few actually enjoyed the experience from start to finish (despite getting rave reviews from damn near everywhere). With the release of, the exclusive to 360 DLC, Lost and Damned no-one seemed to give it much thought and it didn’t get nearly as much hype surrounding it.

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Bungie and Microsoft have peoples hearts captured with the Halo universe, the expansion of the series is testament to that, and while there have been people that think that Halo and John-117 should be synonymous, fans of the series shouldn’t be too put out by a Halo game that doesn’t include Masterchief as the pivotal figure in the game. Variety is the spice of life after all, and a more tactical approach to fighting the covenant has sparked my interest again.

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If you weren’t a fan of the original Ghostbusters movie then dare I submit that you have no soul, it was iconic of the 80’s and spawned a culture of cartoons, video games, and banter the way it should be. Come this new generation of video games someone decided it was time to relive the glory years of the Ghostbusters and make a new game, bring together the original cast and think up some new comedy gold. But not to be without incident, development was haunted by trouble with a publisher dropping the title, it being picked up by Atari and then being made into a PS3 exclusive in PAL regions. The question arises does the final product merit the humdrum caused during the creation process?

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One of my biggest complaints about Guitar Hero and Rock Band has been regarding the setlists.  “Where’s the metal?” I always asked.  While there were usually a few token tracks from the likes of Slayer, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc, I was left wanting more.


Now I have it.  Guitar Hero: Metallica is basically a standalone expansion for Guitar Hero: World Tour, featuring 28 Metallica songs, and a further 21 songs from other bands, chosen by Metallica.  The Metallica tracks represent a pretty decent cross section of the band’s catalogue, with plenty of their early speed / thrash metal tracks, as well as a good selection of their later, more mainstream material.  There’s even a song from Saint Anger.  But we shan’t dwell on that.

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ADK is not explained in the episode. Or is it! A week full of the latest videogames will do strange things to a man, which would explain why Wugga and Brian sound somewhat burnt out. But there’s some content injected into the podcast via an interview with an Uncharted 2 developer, a HUGE PS3 contest, and an intro by TIM SCHAFFER!?

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Swords & Soldiers is a new WiiWare release from Ronimo Games, the developers behind the original PC version of de Blob. It is a side-scrolling real-time-strategy game that essentially happens "on rails". The wacky cartoony graphics hide a challenging game that is deeper than appears at first glance. The game is quite simplistic at its heart, but the frequent waves of enemy troops ensure that you are kept on your feet in later levels, and strategy (and experimentation) is required to complete the game’s 30 campaign levels. Despite some annoyances such as the omission of online multiplayer, Swords & Soldiers still ends up being one of the best WiiWare games released and well worthy of your consideration.

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