The recession has finally bitten Nintendo, with April – June 2009 net sales down 40% from the same quarter last year. Part of this discrepancy will be due to the "blockbuster" titles that released last year in the equivalent quarter – Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit, but aside from this the effects of the economy and potentially some "saturation of the market" will be having an effect.

Meanwhile, Sony has also reported declining sales for their consoles. PS3 sales dropped from 1.6 million in Quarter 1 last year, to 1.1 million in the same quarter this year. PSP sales are down from 3.7 million to 1.3 million. But the news wasn’t all bad. The PS2 rose from 1.5 million Q1 last year, to 1.6 million in 2009!

Oops! Someone made a boo-boo. Major Nelson has reported that  "human error" has lead to an "unfortunate incident" whereby all data on the Halo Wars Xbox LIVE leaderboards has been lost. That’s right – ALL the data! Let’s make that clear – ALL "singleplayer, multiplayer, and Trueskill leaderboards, as well as all matchmaking data" has been reset to the original launch day status.

Wow, somebody’s going to have their ass terminated. Backups much?

Last week Microsoft NZ confirmed to Kotaku their intentions to prevent under-18 year old gamers from downloading age-restricted content from the Xbox LIVE marketplace. However the failed implementation of this policy lead to under-18s from across the country angered by the inability to download anything, including G-rated content.

Last night, long-running consumer affairs TV show “Fair Go”, ran a story about this matter, taking the issue directly to Microsoft after under-agers were not offered any explanations, apologies, nor compensation for the errors that had left child gamers frustrated by the lack of any information from Microsoft. You can watch the show here – Fair Go Episode 24, 29 Jul 2009.

The irony in this growing comedy of errors is that the Fair Go report shows the two 15 year old complainants playing COD4 (a R16 rated game in New Zealand making it illegal for anyone to show or sell this to someone under 16 years of age). Furthermore, under-18 gamers in the official Xbox New Zealand forums are claiming that Microsoft have offered some of them the choice of an Xbox 360 game as compensation, including R16 and R18 titles: Crackdown (R18), Shadowrun (R16), Vampire Rain (R16).

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I am not sure if the ingestion of a Demon branded dietry supplement is a good idea, add to that a nice big drink of Big Cock and your just asking for trouble. Hey but every cloud has a sliver lining, I managed to google “Big Cock” without getting any unwanted images flashing in front of me.

This week we talk about all the screw ups that the big companies are making with pricing mistakes, and blocking minors from downloading wares. I defend my legacy of Zelda apathy, Wugga wonders what big annoucement will be nixed next, and Gino continues his voyeristic gaming with SplosionMan

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Many of our readers might be blissfully unaware of a problem that has been affecting many younger users of the Xbox Live Marketplace (one of the benefits of having a user base with an average age over 25). Since a recent update users under 18 years old have been unable to download content, both paid and free, from the Marketplace, they are still able to purchase points but not even unrestricted material can be received if the account shows the user is underage.

Microsoft have an official statement regarding this issue and are offering a the solution of a refund of any Microsoft Points that they might have purchased that they are now unable to utilise. Full statement after the break.

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Come October 23rd ButtonMashers from around the country will be revving their engines in excitement……… no, I am going to stop with the bad puns right there, that is more than enough. Microsoft has just sent through the details of the Forza Motorsport 3 Limited Collectors Edition, that’s right it’s both limited and for collectors. The full package will include a 2gb USB Keychain "to store your favourite Forza videos, photos and designs" some exclusive vehicles and VIP status in the Forza community. Car details after the break.

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These screenshots come from the PC version of this years Fifa title. The promotion of anti racial sentiment looks authentic but it’s hard to tell much more than that, the way it plays is obviously the most important part of the experience. It will be interesting to see if EA can make this years title better than the last while still remaining faithful to the things that made last years so popular.

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