When I first heard there was going to be a Madballs game I thought, ‘Awesome! Madballs are cool!’. Then on further thinking I started to wonder what the hell they were going to do to make a game based on Madballs. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, some people are probably wondering just what is a Madball. Well as the name suggests it is a ball and mad part is the ball is a head or other round body part. Typically a grotesque, monster head but as you find in the XBLA game your lead Madball is Oculus Orbus, an eyeball. I had several Madballs back in the 80’s and was surprised to find they are still popular today with a new ‘Sick’ range recently available.
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Borderlands is the game being developed by Gearbox and published by Take Two that got a major redesign in its art dircetion and a little bit of a delay while the developers made the changes that they felt that they needed to in order to make the game “fun” and take its self a little less seriously.

Due to release later this year on the 23rd of October on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, it hopes to reinvent both co-op gaming and create a genre of its own as a role play shooter.

Video after the break.

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Sony’s 160Gb PlayStation 3 SKU has not been officially released in New Zealand yet. However the retailer that promised in advertising that “your friends will like you more if you buy an Xbox 360”, are now offering 160Gb PS3 consoles as a New Zealand “exclusive”. However the advertisement that claims that the “massive 160Gb PS3 console” is available “only at Harvey Norman” could be somewhat misleading.

The average punter when purchasing this “massive” 160Gb PS3 would naturally assume that this console has come direct from the Sony factory, into the showroom. Of course the average punter is unaware that it is very easy to self-upgrade the internal hard drive of the PS3 (in fact Sony provides instructions on how to do this on their website). What even knowledgeable gamers will not realise however is that this “only at Harvey Norman” PlayStation 3 is actually sold fitted with an after-market hard drive, installed by Harvey Norman themselves. So yes, no other major retailer is offering a PS3 with an installed 160Gb hard drive, it is not what most potential buyers will be expecting when they walk into a store to purchase it.

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Forum member Matt2803 raised concerns this week when a Gamesman branded EB Games store salesperson told him that the instruments for The Beatles: Rock Band would not be coming to New Zealand. Apparently the sales had spoken to the distributor who had said that this was because there was "too much" unsold Rock Band 1 hardware in New Zealand.

A call to EA New Zealand this morning reveals that they are still planning to bring in the instrument set "around the 9th of September". Pricing is as yet unconfirmed, but hopefully the Kiwi dollar’s ride on the currency crest leads to a reasonable price point.


At Comic-Con recently Microsoft, along with a string of collaborators, announced the creation of a series of Anime based on the Halo universe. The project called Halo Legends is being worked on by a Microsoft team called 343 Industries, Toei Animation, Casio Entertainment, Bones and Production I.G.

A trailer has been released which I have included after the break, and more is promised to be arriving later this year with the actual product launching in 2010. Can’t wait to see Master Chief wooing the ladies from Sailor Moon.

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Rockstar have announced a new GTA disc based release for the Xbox 360 called Episodes from Liberty City. The game packages together the content from the already released downloadable content from The Lost and Damned and also the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony.

Episodes from Liberty City is a stand alone product and you won’t need to own GTAIV to play it. The retail price has been set at $69.95 and it will release on October the 29th.

Past the break is also the first wallpaper image from The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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banner Being asked to review Duels of the Planeswalkers was not something that excited me. I’ve never been a fan of card based games (I’m more of a board game player) and to me it even has a stigma associated with ultra-geekdom that even I (a fairly decent sized geek) thought was below me. I’ve learnt much by having to review the XBLA version of Magic the Gathering and I have come to apologise. Continue reading

Back in the Tron and casting it like we’ve been doing it for years.

This week we cover some on Scribblenauts, talk about Darksiders and then luxuriate in the awesomeness of Shatter. GaR gets grumpy, Brian gets bored, and Wugga avoids, here is this weeks effort at infiltrating your portable media devices so you never leave the house with a little Masher in your pocket.

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