Released just last week on XBLA and PC, LucasArts first venture onto the iPhone and iPod Touch brings The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. In the New Zealand App Store it costs $10.99. Which is on the very high end compared to other Apps but is still cheaper than the other versions. Also weighing in at 351mb, while considerably smaller than it’s XBLA and PC counterparts, it’s still a lot of room being taken up on your iPhone. Here are your options kiddos:

iPhone for $10.99

XBLA for 800 MS Points ($13.20)

PC for $9.99 USD ($15.11 NZD)

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy this great game!

Making their self publishing debut on the Playstation Store is Shatter from Sidhe, a break out game in the style of nothing I’ve ever played before. Our video focuses on the main points of the game to give you a feel for what to expect when you download it, and you should download it. But there is a lot more that could be explained, like how intricately the boss battles have been designed, how challenging it is to work out angles of reflection on the fly, the combination of pure simple block breaking or the extreme pace of having multiple balls on the fly.

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Releasing at the end of 2008, Tom Clancy’s EndWar was an innovative console RTS title, featuring voice command that actually worked. While the game had mixed critical and sales success, Ubisoft creative director Michael De Plater has revealed that a "smaller team" from Ubisoft Shanghai is currently working on a sequel.

Talking to, De Plater said that EndWar had sold 1.5 million units, making it the second biggest new RTS "in the last four or five years" (behind Halo Wars). He was heartened by how well the game had fared against the established Command and Conquer franchise, and by the game being "not far off Halo Wars, which is obviously a big license".

The biggest complaints that dogged EndWar were the shallow story and depth, and these are what the Shanghai team is concentrating most on. No time frame was mentioned for the sequel’s release.

While speculation continues over whether we will ever see the COD4:MW2 Prestige Edition (AKA Night Vision Goggle Edition!), one piece of gaming merchandise we will definitely not see for sale in New Zealand stores has just been announced.

United Cutlery, “manufacturer of licensed edged and adult collectibles for the entertainment industry”, will be producing one hell of a piece of cutlery in the form of a scaled replica of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. This is one bad ass collectible, sporting a 30cm blade and measuring around 50cm overall, and will sell for USD $123.99 (NZD $190).

Click after the break to see the blade:

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While the game sales haven’t exactly taken the planet by storm, Little Big Planet just has reached a very impressive milestone – one. million. levels.

According to the official PlayStation Blog, that’s a new level published ever 21 seconds since the game was launched. Impressive indeed. And these levels have been played a total of 244 million times.

Click after the break to see a newly released video in celebration of the milestone, and don’t forget to download McFadge’s ButtonMasher themed level which is his entry into the PS3 games giveaway.

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Home grown Shatter is due for release tomorrow (ButtonMasher review will be up soon), but it will be going head to head against some strong competition, in what The Sixth Axis thinks it might be “PSN’s Best Week Ever”. Due for release are:

Killzone 2 DLC pack
WipEout HD Fury DLC pack
Crystal Defenders

Good thing that Shatter will only set you back an incredible $9.95 on the NZ store!

The rumour that just won’t go away just received a date. NeoGaf user Elios83, posts:

I’ve heard from retail sources, which have been absolutely reliable in the past that PS3 Slim will launch throughout Europe on September 2 at 299€, official announcement at the GamesCon. We’ll see but considering the same sources have been spot on for two years in a row (40GB+price cut and 80GB) I personally don’t doubt them 😉

Sony is down to present a 3 hour press conference on August 18 during GamesCon, so if the information proves solid then this would be a logical date for the announcement. It seems unusual that if this really is about to launch at retail level that there have not been more solid leaks coming through from the production line.

€299 equates to $644, so if this is close to accurate we should not expect any significant price drop from the current street price of $699 in New Zealand.


Nintendo of Australia (and New Zealand) yesterday announced that 100,000 DSi units have been moved in Australia since the launch 14 weeks ago. New Zealand falls within the the Australian Nintendo arm, but as far as sales figures are concerned, these are probably Australia only figures, with the data coming from GfK Australia.

In comparison, the DS Lite took 18 weeks to shift 100,000 units, and the Wii took 28 weeks to achieve that figure. No comment was offered by Nintendo with regards the volume of DSiWare sales.


An American gamer banned from the PlayStation Network apparently for his behaviour while playing Resistance: Fall of Man, is continuing to annoying people – this time in real life. He has filed a lawsuit, alleging that SCEA "suppressed his rights of free speech and caused him pain and suffering by banning his account from PSN.

Erik Estavillo claims to suffer from a number of disorders including agoraphobia, a fear of crowds which can render some unable to leave their homes due to anxiety. The application claims:

The pain and suffering was caused by the defendant, Sony, banning the plaintiff’s account on the PlayStation 3 Network, in which the plaintiff relies on to socialize with other people, since it’s the only way the plaintiff can truly socialize since he also suffers from Agoraphobia…

Perhaps Estavillo should have thought about that before exhibiting behaviour befitting of a ban. Or does this raise issues of whether there are unjustified bannings?

via GamePolitics


One of the worst kept secrets is finally out in the open – a new Super Monkey Ball game for the Wii has been formally announced by Sega. Last month, Kotaku spotted a trademark application for the name Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, leading to speculation that a new game would be released supporting the Wii Balance Board. This was followed by an unusual jackpot “countdown” website which contained no clues about what game it was set to announce. Except that hidden in the website code was the term “supermonkeyball”, and soon after this news was posted, it disappeared.

This could be the game that finally gives me a compelling reason to pull out my Balance Board again. A video for the new game has been posted on the Sega website, but appears to be broken, so click after the break for the YouTube upload:

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