In this podcast we decide that we should just all get along, or, if we can’t get along we should just hope in a GaR’s van for some sweeties. We announce what we are doing for our ODST competition, talk about the sillynes of Shatner’s laywers, Sony’s motion controller and region locking.

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Hot on the heals of my last post comes another interesting but probably unnecessary accessory, this time for the Nintendo Wii. In a recent patent application by Howard Cheng, Vice President of Research and Development at Nintendo America, plans for a “football” controller have been unveiled. Some examples were given on how the controller might work with the wii-mote:

Throwing – Players firmly strap their hands to the ball and make a throwing motion. The pitch angle and force of the throw determines the trajectory arc of the throw. Side to side motion determines the yaw angle. Pressing buttons on the Wii remote can adjust other options.

Running – The football controller sense body motion, shifting left and right to dodge tacklers and even jumping motions by raising the ball. Running speed is determined by players making a jogging motion.

You really need to see the pictures after the break (enhanced uses incorporating the nun-chuck) , but even I am not convinced this would work!

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MGS_peace_walker Hideo Kojima really loves his cutscenes! Kojima Productions have released a 9 minute follow up to the last trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It’s all done in-engine and the graphics are really impressive considering it’s a PSP game.

It shows off Co-op… make that “Co-Ops” play, for up to four players. There’ll be no arguing over characters either, cos you can all be Snake! The trailer was revealed last week at GamesCon but just in case you missed it, check it out after the break. 2010 is still all that’s been said for the game’s release. Continue reading

With such a wonderful pedigree behind it and being based on one of the darkest moments in human history with a supernatural twist, Wolfenstein is the original Nazi killing sim. Saying that WWII is overdone and that killing Germans is something best left to pre 2007 games is probably in many cases true, a Wolfenstein without these two things would be like ButtonMasher without the reviews, news, podcast, and over bearing colour scheme, all you are left with are some crappy moving pictures.

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Can’t get enough of the hype surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Want to spend even more money than what it’s already going to cost you to pick up the actual game? Well I have some news for you. A recent press release by Mad Catz Interactive has announced a number of unnecessary Modern Warfare themed third party peripherals / accessories will be available around the release of the game. From controllers, to console skins to throat communicators (flash name for mic), November could end up being an expensive month for some. There will also be PC accessories available for purchase.

See past the break for the range of PS3 and Xbox 360 accessories and peripherals (no pictures yet though).

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Shadow Complex - Banner

Every now and then a game comes along that just blows you away, and to increase the blow-you-away-ability it’s even nicer if you haven’t seen or heard of the game in question. It’s always good when a big budget, super hyped game lives up to expectations but it’s even better when the low key, unheard of title sneaks up on you and leaves you stunned and amazed. Shadow Complex is definitely one of those games.

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With each new instalment of Madden NFL, a selection of new and improved features are thrust upon us to interact and play with on the virtual field. Sometimes these features are rich, deep and can envelop us for hours; other times they are small, aesthetic modifications to the game that serve to make the series a tiny bit more pleasing to the eye. Although it must be hard for developers to bring something different to the table each year when the sport of football remains exactly the same, Madden NFL 10 has demonstrated a good combination of new features to keep Madden gamers everywhere content for another 12 months.

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Telltale have certainly reinvigorated the Monkey Island series. This is the second game in the series of five, you can read my review of the first one, which has now made it’s way to WiiWare. The Siege of Spinner Cay continues right on from where Launch of the Screaming Narwhal left off. If you’re planning on playing Tales of Monkey Island at all on PC, you’ll need to purchase the full season. Which is how the game should ideally be played, chapter after chapter. The Siege of Spinner Cay is every bit as funny as the first and marks an interesting advancement in Guybrush Threepwood’s quest to rid the Caribbean of the pox of LeChuck.

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PS3 slim

Pictures have surfaced today of the new PS3 vertical stand, which as McFadge has already pointed out is not *required*, but which most would agree should be strongly considered lest your $600 piece of equipment tip over (and it doesn’t look like it needs much for that to happen).

I would expect the USD $24 accessory to sell in NZ for at least $49.99, if not $59.99 (or more), but unfortunately for that price you get a disappointing stand which is barely more functional than McFadge and Kotaku’s suggestion.

Instead of having a round plated base like was used for the PS2 slimline and Nintendo Wii console stands, which actually offer support against tilting forces, the PS3 stand appears to be shaped in the footprint of the console and offer minimal protection against tipping. Click past the break for the image of the new stand.

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With the announcement of Fable III comes a new trailer, well just a teaser. There’s really not much to say about it, apart from the fact that you need to become the ruler of Albion, but it’s after the break if you care to look.

There’s no gameplay being shown but it does have Theresa’s voiceover in the background. She was the hooded blind lady in the last game if you were paying attention!

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