Dissidia, Dissidia, where do I start? I really didn’t know what to make of it when Square Enix announced a PSP fighting game, starring a bunch of Final Fantasy characters. Dissidia is certainly a strange concoction; a cup of Final Fantasy here, a pinch of Kingdom Hearts there and a dash of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but it is such a game that those who do enjoy it, will love it to bits.

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3D fighting games on a handheld is nothing new for Namco-Bandai with Tekken on PSP being old news, but Soul Calibur has always been a title for the home console until now. Handheld versions always carry stigmas associated with the concerns of replicating an experience that’s proven to be great in the home setting. Fighting games have an even rougher time of it, since they’re always at their best when matching wits with someone sitting on the same couch as you.

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PikPok Sidhe, New Zealand’s number one games developer, have launched an iPhone and iPod Touch specific studio called PikPok. It’s placed under the Sidhe umbrella as a “publishing label and development studio”.

My enthusiasm was dampened slightly when I read further that their first game was based on the motion picture Fame, but you have to start somewhere right? With any luck we’ll be seeing some unique titles like Gripshift and Shatter in no time at all.

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The classic ‘old school’ platform puzzler finally makes it to the Xbox Live Arcade. Anyone who has been gaming for more than a couple of days will have played, or at least heard of, one of the various forms of Bubble Bobble. Cute little dragons that blow bubbles, what’s not to like. But does it stand the test of time or is it just another retro rehash?

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With motion controls being all that and a bag of chips, Sony will be adding motion control support to games including the likes of PAIN, Flower and LittleBigPlanet. A Resident Evil 5: Director’s Cut will also be getting the special treatment. However, the same can’t be said for the original game which only came out in March.

Sony’s ‘motion controller’ (name pending) is coming out in Spring 2010, which equates to Autumn over here in our little corner of the world. Check out the short but sweet list of compatible games after the break.

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The much awaited Forza 3 Avatar items are now available in the Avatar Marketplace for all you petrol heads. Items include a full racing suit, boots and helmets. Also available are the obligatory tee shirts and hats. So what are you waiting for? Get your race gear on and I’ll see you on the track on the 22nd of October.

Demo also now up, along with a Premium Theme. Demo is Gold Members only at the moment.

When Microsoft announced Project Natal it was received with as much enthusiasm as scepticism. The fact that it now has publishers and developers already working on future titles that will utilise it can only point towards the fact that the gaming industry is going to get behind it, perhaps in the hope that it will line some pockets with cash money.

Past the break is the list of Publishers already prepping content for the camera experience.

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From the Tokyo Game Show which has just kicked off comes the news of two new games that are being developed by Capcom.

Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes is apparently a new instalment of an already popular franchise, one that Wikipedia informs me was known as Devil Kings when it was available outside of Japan, it had instalments on the Playstation 2 and PSP. The PR blurb claims it will focus on sword battles against enemies in the feudal era of Japanese history that shares the name. It will be available on the PS3 and Wii. With this combination of consoles you have to wonder if it will take advantage of the PS3 motion controller when it releases.

The second title announced is only given a working title of Ghost Trick, the gameplay will feature adventure and puzzle elements and will have the character design and art work performed by the team responsible for Ace Attorney games. Also mentioned is that the game will focus on the player, an "amnesiac ghost", protecting living people for whatever reason. This will be a DS title. 

tiger Golf is a silly sport where you try and hit little balls into small holes that are far away using sticks. It’s a fairly popular sport amongst people who have enough time and money to waste away half a day walking around a glorified paddock. As you can tell, I don’t play golf.  However I don’t mind getting involved with golf in its digital form.  Mainly because I don’t have to look for my ball in long grass.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is not significantly different from last year’s iteration.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 was a massive step up from previous version, so read last year’s review if you haven’t played it in a couple of years.

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In a fairly news light week we talk about the appeal of early ascii art and the highs and lows of the flight of the Concords hits that might make it to RockBand. What’s it like to play a PSP in Antarctica and some of the drawbacks, plus ODST is released while Cabelas Hunt is delayed.

Bam! Here it is.

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