It’s a game that people have been raving about since it made a splash at E3, a DS game that uses the strength of your imagination and vocab to solve puzzles. Warner Bros wants to share the love a bit and have provided us a copy to give away, but they also realise that a lot of our readers are a little older than normal and have started thinning out up on top and that it might be getting a little chilly, so they are also throwing in one of the rooster caps to ensure that heads can be maintained at an appropriate warmth.

To win all you need to do is solve the competition like you would a Scribblenauts puzzle, think of an object and explain how you would use it to make you win. Post your answer here in the forum.

Brett and Jermaine may have let the cat out of the bag on the red carpet at the Emmys, with Brett saying that there are “going to be three songs on Rock Band” and went on to assure the interviewer that they were serious, in that great way where you still can’t gauge the seriousness of the statement regarding their seriousness. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re genuine though; it could just be how much I hope it to be true though. When (if?) it happens, FOTC will join a host of musical comedy acts available in Rock Band, like Jonathon Coulton, Paul and Storm, MC Frontalot, and Tenacious D to name but a few. When pressed for further information regarding which three songs, Brett replied “I don’t know,” but the first song everyone thinks seems to be Business Time, so that seems like a bit of a given. I hope the other two are Prince Of Parties and Bowie. Post a comment to register your own favourite three FOTC songs with us.

Video for the story is available at Kotaku.


Realtime Worlds have been plugging away to create their upcoming title APB for a while now, its announcement had a few Crackdown fans a little sad but the hope of a great new game alleviated some of the pain. They are now taking applications for the beta of APB on their website.

Get onto it quickly if you are wanting be part of the beta.

Nadeo, creators of the perennial ButtonMasher favourite, 32nd Americas World Cup videogame, announced Trackmania 2 recently at a videogames convention in Paris. Details aren’t available on Nadeos website yet, but word on the web seems to suggest it’ll be out on the PC and only the PC in 2010, with splitscreen support and a considerably more robust track creation, going as far as allowing 3D objects to be imported, as opposed to the general prefabricated objects available in the current games. Washed out bootleg video after the break!

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The time has come to wrap up the Griffball Fantasy League competition for the copies of Halo 3 ODST. There were some great entries with plenty of smack talk and team work galore, the future is a scary place when blood sports rule the physical arena, it’s good to know that at least a glimmer of humanity will shine through as team mates band together to deal death en masse.

Congrats to the Auckland Orsums. The tipping factor was the trading card video which brought happiness to my loins. If the team members could PM me their postal addresses and details in the forums for happy fun time. Hopefully we can carry the enthusiasm into some quality griffball matches next week.

LucasArts and Telltale Games are joining in celebration for tomorrow’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, 19th of September (11am local time). Both developers are each offering their own special deals on this grog-swilling good day. “With prices this low, it’s practically piracy!”

LucasArts are having 50% off The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for iPhone, and Steam. These deals are valid ‘til September 21st.

Telltale are offering the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island – now pay attention – for free! You heard me, this coming Talk Like A Pirate day you can download Launch of the Screaming Narwhal for free, one day only at

It’s not really much of a reward for fans as they’ve most likely bought everything already, but it will hopefully introduce a whole lot more people to the series. Go on, tell a friend. Launch of the Screaming Narwhal is free, so download it while you have the chance. PR spiel after the break.

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Okay, hands up who’s been let down or disappointed by a Need For Speed game in recent years. Alright put your hands down. It’s no secret that the NFS franchise, although reasonably popular with the masses has lost the faith with some in the racing genre community. Full credit to EA for evolving the series and trying new things with their NFS releases. But they’ve been missing that ‘wow’ factor, that special something that makes it hard to put the game down. Enter their newest title, Need For Speed: Shift.

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GTA4s story of Niko Bellic was sold to us as a story of “rags to slightly better rags”. The Lost And Damned came out and we were told it was a story about brotherhood; while not inaccurate, I felt it would have been more succinctly described by saying it was a story about taking care of business, in one of the nastiest businesses in the city. Now, The Ballad Of Gay Tony promises to deliver an explosive conclusion to the GTA4 world of Liberty City by by setting itself as a story about the glowing light that the rest of the world crowds around.

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