Some slightly obscure games that have been announced recently…

Metanet Software, indie creators of the awesomely addictive and frustrating ninja game, N+, have announced Office Yeti as another game they’re working on, alongside Robotology. Bizarre is one word to describe the game’s concept. It’s described as “a single-player action/puzzle/simulation game in which players assume control of a yeti who works in an office”. What platforms this intriguing ‘simulation’ will come to, we’ve yet to find out.

Okami 2, well really it’s called Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou and takes place several months after the events in Okami. It’s for the DS which seems like the perfect platform to take advantage of Okami’s unique drawing controls. Just strange that a version’s not being made for the Wii since the original Okami was re-released especially for it.

The Blue Toad Murder Files is a six-part-series of short one hour episodes releasing on PSN. Made by Relentless, those clever people behind Buzz, it’s described as a hybrid of Professor Layton and Cluedo. It even has local multiplayer for up to four players which is an interesting idea in itself. The first Blue Toad episode will arrive in December.

There were far too many sparkle wiggles in this podcast, for which I am truley sorry, because you can’t fright back.

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It might be lacking night vision capabilities but at still has a few features that will lure in some gamers with money to spend at the end of the year. The new SKU will feature a 250GB hard drive, the largest on offer yet by Microsoft, and will also come with two controllers, a headset and a copy of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2. The damage? not as hefty as you might have anticipated given the cost of the game as a stand alone purchase, a fairly reasonable $649.

Past the break are the pictures of the new grey? console, and the packaging.

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You may not have heard of the Zune. Main reason being because it hasn’t yet launched in New Zealand. In short it’s basically a portable multimedia device, Microsoft’s answer to the iPod Touch. In a Zune HD promotional video from Microsoft, 3D gaming is revealed as one of the Zune’s new features. The video shows a brief glimpse of a 3D racer. Anyone can currently make games for the platform using XNA so it’s not totally clear if this is advertising 3D XNA games or downloadable games that can be purchased.

Microsoft have denied all rumours in the past but it was only a matter of time really. They most likely want the Zune to compete in the games space against the PSP, DS and especially the iPhone. With 3D games on the horizon I’m sure it’ll head to New Zealand – maybe even as soon as this year, but I won’t be making any bets!


As an early rip off of Super Mario Bros it seems bizarre that the game should be receive it’s official reincarnation in the form of a title on the Nintendo DS, but what else would make sense? It is purely a 2D platformer with superfluous additions having been left out completely, but is this at the cost of creating a compelling experience?

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lucidity While information about the game was already leaked, tonight LucasArts officially announced the XBLA game they’ve been working on, titled Lucidity. Their inspiration comes from games like Braid and it certainly shows with it’s unique art style and simple platforming.

Here’s a short gameplay video. It shows a young girl called Sophie walking through a forest in search of her grandmother. The player has no control of her and instead places trampolines or platforms for her to cross. Think Lemmings meets Little Red Riding Hood. So not quite the point and click adventure game I was hoping for but at least it’s not another Star Wars game!

There was a trailer for The Secret World a few months back, it looked pretty but didn’t really explain what we should expect from gameplay or how close the game would be in style and quality. Funcom have released some screenshots about what we now know will be an MMO. The site has been updated with a new trailer and a quiz to put you into your ideal clan and also give the possibility to join a future beta. Images after the break.

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