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Same old story, a lazy lie in and you are browsing the Apple Store, a title catches your eye and you look closer. Ten minutes later and $4.19 poorer you are addicted to one of the simplest, yet satisfying platform games in a while.

Canabalt is a side scrolling platformer delivered with style, you control a constantly running suit wearing man and apart from making him jump you have little control over his destiny. The farther he runs the faster he runs, if you hit an object he will slow down, if you miss a jump he will most likely die and the game is over. The platforms are rooftops, cranes and bare corridors, the mission is to keep running in the futile hope of escaping your city. It’s 2d free running on a randomly generated playing field that worked so well as a Flash game and is now perfect for the Apple touch generation.

canbalt style free running

The look and feel of the game is cleverly done, the small sprite of the main character is animated well enough, glass shatters and flocks of birds flutter away from your breakneck sprint. The colour scheme is a simple and somber selection of grays that looks fresh and retro at the same time. There is an eighties style beat in the background and some Twitter integration for announcing your high score.

It’s also nice to see a success from a project that was put together in 5 days or thereabouts, Semi Secret Software must be pleased with their success. If you fancy a dabble find the flash game here, then go and download the Apple version.

No, it’s not deep, but it is fun and immediate – the ideal diversion for a iPod/Phone quick fix, just bear in mind that one go is never enough.

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