Football (you aren’t allowed to call it soccer) isn’t exactly the biggest game in New Zealand. While the All Whites just sold out the 35,000 seat capacity Wellington Stadium for next month’s World Cup Qualifier against Bahrain, this level of interest isn’t exactly typical in this Rugby mad nation. Football Genius will not have wide appeal in our region, but for fans of the beautiful game it may just be 800 Microsoft Points well spent.

Football Genius is the only game of its kind for Xbox 360, offering quiz fans a chance to test their knowledge of Football. Questions range from World Cup trivia, to English Premier League knowledge, and Euro football questions. The game boasts 3500 questions but this is a little misleading because questions are localised to English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish regions. Those that follow only English football will have little chance of knowing teams and players in the German Bundesliga, for example, and so the pool of useful questions is only a fraction of the 3500 advertised.


The game supports the Big Button controllers that are bundled with the Scene It? games for Xbox 360. Unfortunately the presentation is just as bland as in the original Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action. The game has all the usual rounds that we have come to expect from video game quizzes – buzz in with the correct answer faster to get more points, quickfire rounds, identify a picture that has been grossly distorted as it gradually gets undistorted, answer correctly to “tackle” points off another player – it is all there. The only difference is that the name of each round has a football theme.

The game is definitely very boring to play alone (you don’t even have the option to play against “bots”), but it does support online play via LIVE. As with many of the less prominent titles on Xbox LIVE though, finding a game can be a bit of chore without other friends with the game.


Promotional material for the game fails to mention that it remembers which questions have been asked before in order to prevent repeated questions, and that is probably because it does not have this feature. I noticed that questions started to repeat by only the third game I played.

Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz is best played with like-minded friends on the same console using the Big Button controllers. If you have a love of English football and have friends on the same wavelength then this game is worth considering. While the presentation is bland, it is the only football quiz game for Xbox 360 and is worth the 800 Microsoft Point asking price if you have the pre-requisite equipment and group of friends.

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