Ion Assault is a little bit of a surprise, going into it I didn’t know what to expect, a retro inspired game, or some silly faux futuristic shoot’em up, the result was not something I had anticipated and yet perhaps it was the most obvious result, a top down space game with powerups and an interesting firing mechanism.

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From the team that brought us the Gothic Series on the PC comes Risen. An Epic Role Playing Game which finds you washed ashore on the island of Faranga after surviving an attack at sea by a enormous Titan, summoned by an Inquisitor who teleported off the ship seconds before the attack. But the island of Faranga is not at peace, The Inquisitor has take hold and mysterious temples have risen across the island. Quickly gathering your bearings you head inland with the only other survivor, Sara.

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apAxel and Pixel is a point and click adventure and follows the story of Axel, who is a painter, and Pixel his dog. An evil rat traps them in a weird dream and they have to chase down the  rat to get back home.  The story is split in to twenty four chapters and it took me about four hours to play through it.  While this game is pretty easy to get through, I found the whimsical journey a pleasure.  Each of the chapters take place on a single screen  (ie no scrolling) and the challenge mostly revolves around getting from the left of the screen to the right.

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Yet another title released from the annals of history under Sega’s Vintage Collection. But everyone loves Sonic and his chums, especially with the ground breaking marvel of Lock-on Technology, right? Well personally the only Sonic titles I have enjoyed are Sonic Adventures on the Dreamcast and more recently Sega Superstars Tennis. But we will see how Sonic & Knuckles fare, after all it has Lock-on Technology!

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It’s the chaos that often ensues after an upheaval of the system. There are still games to be talked about though, from Batman to Wet, join us on an hour an a half epic, plumbing the depths and testing the limits of what podcast listeners will tune in to. It’s a little something we call “After Dark” to denote the slight (temporary) stylistic shift.

world_of_goo It’s World of Goo’s birthday and 2D Boy are pricing their indie smash hit for whatever you are willing to spend, like Radiohead have done in the past. Their website is getting pretty heavy traffic so try again later if you can’t access it right now. 

I encourage everyone to give at least a dollar or two, to these great developers. The deal is valid until October 19th. Thanks to accidental on the forums for letting us know.

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For all those Gold Members who thought 800 MS Points was far too expensive to join your host Mr. Potato Head and play your favourite Hasbro game, including CONNECT FOUR, SCRABBLE, BATTLESHIP, YAHTZEE, SORRY!, SORRY! SLIDERS, and BOGGLE.  Worry no more, for this week we see all the Hasbro Family Game Night titles cut to only 400 MS Points each. Now that’s better value. And remember, Gold Members only.

All games are tied together with a pretty cool lobby which can be themed and changed with items won in the games. Also each game has it’s own 200 points in achievements. There is some great family fun to be had here….

sam_and_max_BTAS Telltale have confirmed that the second season of the Sam & Max series, Beyond Time and Space, is hitting XBLA tomorrow. That’s five episodes, one less than the previous season. But the word on the grapevine is that these are the funniest episodes to date, award winning too. Sigh, I guess I can live with it.

Now I better hurry up and finish the last two episodes from Season 1! Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space is debuting at 1600 MS points.

abesoddysee  The co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, Lorne Lanning, revealed a digital-only package for PC (including Steam) that will contain all four Oddworld games. It is titled ‘The Oddbox’ (someone’s been watching Valve a bit too closely!). The first two Oddworld games are also heading to the PlayStation Network which is great news for PSP and PS3 owners.

The Oddbox includes Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exodus, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath. I’ve only managed to play the first two games (which have been on Steam for quite a while), for those of you who’ve played them, you know how fantastic they are. The Xbox exclusivity seems to no longer apply to the last two title’s thankfully, so I might finally be able to try them out.