Every now and then a game gets announced and every single gaming website gets excited. The game shows promise for something that either hasn’t been done on the console it’ll be released on, or for something new that hasn’t been done before. The hype grows, advertising goes into overdrive and before long the title becomes an AAA title before it has even been released. The Conduit had this happen to it, and now it has released people can finally see if the hype it garnered was warranted or if simply got crushed beneath the wheels of the hype train it had created.

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scribblenauts1 Ambition is a tricky thing to manage in a new IP, you need to have enough so that it captures some hearts and minds and starts the word-of-mouth flow, and at the same time it has to be realistic enough that the project is actually delivers on the vision, if it even gets completed. So when you say “This games thing is that you can type anything in and it’ll appear in the game for you to use,” it instantly draws scepticism. However, once people start having a little playtime with the game and it passes the little tests like, “Yes, grimalkin is in the game,” and suddenly there’s a lot for the title to live up to, as far as expectations are concerned. Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again folks, the sun is starting to warm up the southern hemisphere and Electronic Arts roll out their annual refreshments, but is FIFA10 another must have or just an annual upgrade?

Sports games can divide gamers quite easily, some gamers love them with a passion, others like to play casually and there are others that stay well away. I like to think that I am one of the casual admirers, I do enjoy a well simulated game of soccer – sorry, football, but it will not become an obsession.

There are longer term gains with a game like FIFA10, because the more you play the better you get, even someone like myself that never moves beyond the basic moves and game dynamics. I know there is much more on offer, but I have enough fun passing, lobbing, knocking on through balls and occasionally scoring. So much fun that I don’t need to understand how and when to perform a ‘flip-flap’ or dummy a shot, although I would seek some comfort in the knowledge that one day this century I will be able to score from a free kick. Also, as a gamer that grew up on classic one-button soccer games, even the custom goal celebrations are lost on me.

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My inbox is pretty much a mess of weird press releases due to mailing lists I have been signed up to, but I do occasionally get a couple of gems trickle down into my consciousness, like that Tour De France videogame. This one comes from Roundhouse Interactive, and the e-mail starts with As a leader in the video game industry I thought you would be interested in this latest development.’ which immediately gives it the air of authenticity previously only commanded to Nigerian royalty facing exile. The gist of it is that “The Game Cartel”is is the world’s first democratically driven game development cooperative.’  What came next was something I somehow managed to skim read over: ‘Utilizing a web portal and a fee-based membership the Game Cartel empowers gamers … to develop next generation games for the retail market.’ Personally, I was thinking this was a bad idea before I found out they were charging $50US for membership, but I was ready to sign up and tell my friends to sign up, so that we could all say we were part of a historical disaster. Now I think it’s a bad idea for different reasons, and I’m going to sit at the sideline wishing them the best of luck. I might play their game when (if) it releases if it’s any good or if I get it foisted upon me to review. Topic for the podcast: If you democratically cobbled together generically popular game elements, what would you end up with?


You won’t find a lot of new content in Metroid Prime Trilogy. It is after all a package of three previously released and much loved games. However, it does provide some nice incentives that might convince Metroid fans to purchase it again and its an opportunity for those that have never experienced these games to do so. The re-release has the now expected widescreen aspect ratio, some nicer texture work and has enabled the much loved control scheme from Metroid Prime 3 for the first two games.

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Earlier in the week Capcom announced that next year they will be releasing Super Street Fighter IV, we talked about the game  in the latest podcast with Gino getting a little excited, and me not understanding the idea of a completely new disc based game. Here is the announcement trailer which shows three returning fighters, and one new one, there might also be more to glean from the trailer for the sharp eyed fan.
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