Madman have brought Stoked into New Zealand and have been kind enough to give us a few copies for the Xbox360 to give away to celebrate. Snowboarding games tend to be less frequent than the skating variety so there will be a bunch of people keen to check this out. There are three copies to be won, and to win all you need to do is let us know how Stoked you would be to win, do so by posting a comment below and you are entered.

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Polyphony Digitals pedigree is undeniable. Gran Tursimo is arguably the most identifiable and popular Playstation game across almost all of Sony consoles to date. The original Gran Turismo was recognized as revolutionising the racing game genre and even I have to admit, it was the main contributing factor in getting me involved and passionate about console gaming. Therefore it was safe to assume I was eagerly anticipating the release of Gran Turismo PSP. Originally touted as a release title for the PSP, it was feared it was never actually going to see the light of day. Fortunately for us it has. Does it live up to expectations of the millions of Gran Turismo fans, and more importantly, is it good?

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It’s the final of the After Dark series, because Brian’s back next week. This means that there will probably be lectures about podcast posting timeliness. We won’t be recording that though. Well, at least, I hope we don’t record it. Guess what? Friday night is earlier than the night of the following Sunday. Yay for podcasts!


PlayStation 3 owners your time has finally come, Braid will be making it’s way onto PSN on November 12th in the US (hopefully it won’t be too far off here) for about the same price as on XBLA ($19.80). Thanks goes to Hothead Games for porting it over, as Jonathan Blow’s working hard on his next game.

So that’s good news. It’s definitely a game worth taking a geez at. Mario platforming and time travel, what’s not to love?

The Tales of Monkey Island saga hit a definite highlight with the last episode and so the big question for me was could they keep it going? And the answer is yes but certainly not in the way I was expecting. The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood or chapter four, keeps up the puzzles and humour while at the same time feeling strangely grim.

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Today is Wallace & Gromit’s 20th anniversary since they first appeared on screen in 1989. And what better way to celebrate than by Telltale releasing a free episode ‘Muzzled!’ from the first season of Grand Adventures!  Download it for PC here.

This also coincides with the rest of the episodes (two to four) releasing on XBLA today for 800 MS points each. So if you’re an adventurer and a fan of the inventor and his dog, right now seems like the best possible time to jump in.

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Finally the long awaited patch has arrived for Risen. The big fix in this patch is the addition of a brightness slider in the settings menu. After a quick blast through some of the darker areas of the game, I’m happy to say, it’s all good! You can actually see more than a few feet in front of you. If you crank up the slider to full you can completely do away with your torch and light spells.

Oddly enough I didn’t notice any other additions or bug fixes with this release. So a few irritating bugs remain but the game is more than enjoyable now. So those holding off getting Risen can now grab it and enjoy. As for myself, time for another play through….

The development of Borderlands is a sordid affair, full of initial promise, complete rehauls, and delays a plenty. The final push towards release started last year with its reset in art style and adjustment in direction, then at E3 we got to catch up with the developers who genuinely seemed to think that the revamp was going to result in a product that more people would enjoy, or if you will, "be fun", did it work?

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BRIAN’S BACK! In a way. A very strange way. I honestly don’t know whose idea it was to include a doped up recovering corrective eye surgery patient in what has already been described (by me) as a weekly podcast that meanders, wanders, and mostly fumbles its way over the topics of the past week. One thing I do know, however, is that this episode is your #1 stop if you want to create a compilation of wild and crazy things that Brian has said for personal use (and the enjoyment of others).

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