3591787906_9c9b591fe1_o It’s a clever little marketing trick, prefixing all your games with something that might as well be the name of the developer. Pixel Junk is now synonymous with high quality PSN releases that fill their own little niches, but beyond that, nothing really ties the individual releases together. Shooter doesn’t really buck the trend on any of those notes, but in spite of the seeming straightforwardness of the name, it’s probably the cleverest and most ambitious project to date.

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Reflex isn’t the first motorcross title under the MX vs Atv brand name to make it to the Playstation 3, but a quick look comparing it with the covers of the other game might give you the impression that they tried to create something a little more adventurous in this title. Firing up the game is the true testament of it’s calibre, a pretty cover a great game does not make.

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In the spirit of the season, ButtonMasher and it’s slaves wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastically festive New Year.

A special thanks to all the companies that supported us through out the year and of course the great group of gamers that makes up the community.

Mass Effect 2 is approaching fast, January 29th, now just over a month away. Whilst I’m still in the middle of playing the first one, hopefully I’ll be done in time for this sequel which is looking very promising.

The full CG trailer Bioware have just released is pretty epic, even for those not properly versed in Mass Effect lore. Trailer after the break, thanks for the heads up nzBrowncoat!

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Is it a game or is it an interactive movie? People are going to be puzzled by Heavy Rain when it releases, or at least those unfamiliar with Quantic Dream’s last game Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). This is no third person shooter, nor is it some free roaming RPG involving exploration and looting, it’s more about telling a story by putting you into the shoes of people and letting you unravel it at your pace.

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Following up after Halo Waypoint the Big 3 in the Xbox 360 music category, Lips, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band have all released a one stop shop or storefront, if you like. Aptly named Lips Music Store, Guitar Hero VIP Pass, and Rock Band Music Store, but oddly placed under the Games On Demand category, I grabbed Guitar Hero VIP Pass and Lips Music Store ones this morning, haven’t got Rock Band so didn’t bother with that one.

A nice way to spice up the Marketplace experience but not much more. Lips Music Store is quite painful with you having to highlight each title to get a purchase price and it only had the songs, none of the extra game add-on’s were in there. Guitar Hero VIP Pass was nice but both need to address the fact that price is a major factor when shopping so being able to sort by price would be nice. Anyway, free storefronts for those who want them…

The pre-pre-christmas special, it’s a full house with bannings and terrible made for movie games on the menu.

Critisism appreciated.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the first instalment would you kindly do a google and find out you’ve missed out on, it’s pretty spectacular and well worth picking up this long since its release. The sequel is something many people are looking forward to, with much anxiety, while others reserve a slight amount of trepidation that a return to Rapture will taint their past happy experiences. While this recount of our play through of one of the levels won’t sway either party in any particular direction, it will show that there is a game of some substance in the works from 2K.

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How would you like a roundup of a few iPhone games released in the last little while? With all the crud that floods the iTunes App store nowdays it’s nice to know that there are still some really good one’s out there worth playing . Find reviews of Geared, Cross Fingers, bitFLIP & Rope ‘n’ Fly 2 after the break.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleased was undoubtedly the best attempt at a Star Wars game in a long long time, it tried to create new types of environmental interaction and pushed out a story better than half of the acutal movies…. I’m looking at you Episodes I-III.

The announcement of a sequel isn’t overly surprising, given it’s sales success, but it does bode well for gamers that enjoyed the first title. The press release promises to allow players a larger scale on which they can wreck havoc. Sounds good to me. Hopefully bringing down a starcraft is closer to a reality this time around. Check out the official website for more info.