Tekken 6 is Namco’s latest fighting game in the 3d fighting genre. By now, Tekken is looking quite polished and is apparently known as the number one fighting game of all time. To be clear, this is Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion, an updated version of the original Tekken 6 game. The current roster of playable characters stands at 40 (41 if you include Panda!) and the cast contains characters that come right from Tekken 1 to Tekken 5. The game introduces 7 new characters that are all quite unique, except for Jack-6 which is a new and improved version of a previous character.

For those unfamiliar with the Tekken controls; your character moves on a 3d plane with up and down used to sidestep. There are four attacks buttons, each one represent a limb on your character. Special moves can be performed by pressing a series of attack buttons or by pressing a direction and an attack. Moves are swift, and a carefully timed counter-attack can leave your opponent stunned and unable to block.

The home console version of Tekken 6 includes a new Scenario mode that has been a topic of debate amongst fans (and foes) of the game. The new mode places you in control of Lars Alexandersson, battling your way around the Tekken world against the Tekken force led by Jin Kazama and other generic enemies. Along the way you end up fighting all of the Tekken cast as well as NANCY-MI847J and the legendary Azazel.

While the scenario mode is quite large when compared to the extra modes of previous Tekken games, it can still be completed within 4 hours and I only found one stage that was any real challenge. Most enemies can be beaten by repeating the same move over and over again and pose no real threat till very late in the game. But by then you would have acquired quite a few useful items that will boost your attacks and defence.

The highlight of the scenario mode for most players will be the ability to dress your character in the various items that can be bought or the ones that enemies drop. The difference being that enemy dropped items will also include abilities that will make you stronger, while bought items do not. I often found myself making my character look as ugly as possible just so he could be a more efficient killing machine. Kazuya with a bright yellow skirt and a green buree is just hideous!

Finally the game contains the usual arcade and verses mode, a team battle mode, survival mode and time attack mode. The game also contains a online mode which is currently unplayable, a 3 bar match is far too laggy to be used for any real competition and even a 4 or 5 bar green match will introduce enough lag to stop the hardcore players from using it. I have heard that there is a online patch available it didn’t seem to help at all.

All in all the port from arcade to home has gone well. The graphics are a little less impressive than the arcade version and the 360 version is noted as having the superior visuals out of the two home ports. There is also a portable version for the psp in case you get the itch to play on the go.

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